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 Spilling The Beans..8 comments
picture9 Jun 2010 @ 18:31, by jobrown. Education
I've explained how spirit manifests and so you're probably wondering why your life doesn't look the way you want it to. Simple - you've been creating in unconsciously and still are. There is so much misinformation in your subconscious programs imbedded since your conception and deepening with each year of your life.
Everything you were told was anything, everything presented to you for consideration has all been part of someone else's fantasy. Oh well, they didn't know either and operated their whole life the same way you have been - in the dark, mistaking shadows for the truth.  More >

 Call It Canada6 comments
picture9 Jun 2010 @ 09:10, by Unknown. Music

There's a land, lying North, to the West, of the Sea.
Made of ice, made of stone, flowered meadows, timbered trees.

Its briny coast lines, Niagara Falls, It's blue skied prairies and Rockies tall.
Its web of rivers, and great divide, gallons of sunshine and Northern Lights.

Its a land of peoples, its a land of Awe,
And they call it, Canada.

Its milk and honey, its fruit and wine, Its maple leafs, that brightly shine,
Its rights and freedoms, its rule of law, a democracy, for one and all,


So teach the children, yes teach them well, and all the stories, do them tell.
of noble histories and just today's, that Faith may guide them, on their way.


Words and music
by Alfred G. Jonas
(c) 2010 June Canada  More >

 Different Tuning Systems Explained8 comments
8 Jun 2010 @ 06:39, by johnjoseph. Music

Music Theory/Pythagoreanism/Numbers  More >

 Time to Shine. . .
4 Jun 2010 @ 21:06, by susannahbe. Ideas, Creativity

I think I swallowed the sun today
one gulp and it had gone
burning . . . fiery
all the way down
to my belly
and there
it sits


"Remember, you are constantly in the act
of creating yourself" - Neale Donald Walsch

"Even during your darkest night, the Sun within you
remains intact and luminous." - Aleyah Hart

"Every situation, seen rightly, contains
the seeds of freedom" - Joan Borysenko

"To solve a problem you have to go
to where the problem isn't" - Einstein

Painted Sun and Words - Susannah Bec

4 Jun 2010 @ 08:30, by erlefrayne. Politics
I have no wish to intervene in the internal affairs of Europe. However, judging by the flow of events in the continent, from the signing of the earlier treaties through the monetary union and the Lisbon Treaty, there has been a clear sign of concurring agreements without the benefit of public consensus.  More >

 Hanging Out.10 comments
picture4 Jun 2010 @ 03:30, by koravya. Shared Purpose
Had a fire over in the Bosque down by the River last week.
Embers were blowing over so everyone in all the houses up and down the line
this side of the drainage canal were out hosing down their yards and roofs.
(If the plural of hoof is hooves, why isn't the plural of roof, rooves?)
Hot embers were a blowin' in the wind.
The firemen got it all under control, eventually.
It started in the late afternoon, early evening,
and lit the night sky up orange.
Things happen, just like that, that have the potential
of turning your life around real fast.
Don't hurt to be ready to move fast
with what you think is important to you.
J.A.  More >

 Braco Healing
2 Jun 2010 @ 19:59, by adi. Natural Health & Healing
Braco brings the gaze associated with healing and transformation...

It was long ago prophesied by Braco’s dear friend and mentor, the Serbian healer, Ivica, that Braco would come to the New World when America elected a “dark-skinned president.” Ivica did not live to see this prophecy unfold, but within one month of Hawaiian born President Barak Obama taking office, Braco was invited for the first time to an unlikely conference in Laughlin, Nevada. Here he would meet author Angelika Whitecliff, a woman so utterly moved by his gaze she immediately invited him to the Earth Transformation conference she hosts with her husband, Dr. Michael Salla, in Hawaii.

For fifteen years, hundreds of thousands of people from all over Europe have been streaming to Zagreb, Croatia to experience and be healed by peering into the gaze of a kind and gentle man who goes by the name of Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh).

The healings are unexplainable, yet undeniable. Reams of documentation have been collected over the years recounting the stories of countless souls who have been remarkably transformed simply by standing before Braco’s silent gaze -- and not just physical healings, but emotional, spiritual, mental, and interpersonal healings, too.



 Extirpating Capitalism15 comments
1 Jun 2010 @ 07:25, by vaxen. Economics, Financing, Banking

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Colonel Edward House, October 21, 1933

From all available evidence * it's clear that the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our modern world is that an international cabal took control of the United States in the early part of the twentieth century and is now methodically destroying American and world institutions and values. The main goal of the cabal has been to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, imperialistic dictatorship.

By designating this cabal as "demonic," I do not imply that there is need for hatred, anxiety, or hopelessness. It is simply the situation that this cabal has seized control and we need to face it and get on with the business of overcoming this global cartel and bringing about fundamental change in our society. We should not simply sit about idly theorizing or smiling at the devastation of human beings in our society and throughout the world. Something must be done!

The purpose of this exposé of the cabal is to help American and world citizens see who is controlling events from behind the scenes, to assist in making clear just what kind of demonic forces are bringing about the destruction of American and world values and institutions. It's clear that many people are so conditioned by the current reactionary brainwashing that they will be unable to consider any of these ideas. But some people throughout the world are waking up to what's going on and they need to see behind the curtain to the real, criminal powers that manipulate human minds and destroy human liberties. We need to see the real face of our enemies.

I've chosen the word "demonic" 1 because it is most descriptive of the nature of this depraved coterie that's seized power illegitimately. They're criminals in that they commit outrages continually. But their misdeeds are more base than that; they are evil and wicked in the truest sense and therefore are best described as demonic.

This essay will deal with the broader aspects of the demonic cabal, referring to the incriminating details in the material referenced below. In this essay, we'll first review how cabals have operated throughout history, seizing power and manipulating the populace. Reviewing the American experience, we'll see how a wealthy plutocracy during the American struggle for independence from Britain devolved into a criminal cabal. Next, we'll examine Plato's concept of an intelligent, beneficent elite and how this relates to our American experience. Finally, we'll explore ways in which this current demonic cabal is being overcome as its brittle strength declines to the point of defeat.  More >

 Our StressOut Mission and Activities14 comments
picture31 May 2010 @ 22:18, by jerryvest. Medicine, Healthcare
In our webpages, I will introduce the basic need and requirements for human touch. While there is strong evidence that our society and human family are becoming an endangered species, many governments, such as the USA, pay little attention with minimal commitment, to global warming, nuclear stock piles, environment, natural and economic disasters, health & wellness, unemployment, poverty, abuse, neglect, pandemic health diseases, and little control over growing "...government-military-industrial complex" - corporate monopolies. We are now experiencing an unprecedented disaster in the Gulf with oil spilling out of the guts of our Earth with no end in sight. And, we now have a greater division and inbalance between the very rich, middle class, and impoverished. Unemployment is catastrophic for a rich nation in resources, yet bankrupt with the political leadership and a systemic failure of our social systems--economic, family. criminal justice, education, health, medical care, aging programs, etc. Quality of care is absent and lacking when these communities and resources deny and ignore the basic human need for Touch or Physical Interaction and the kindness, respect and dignity every human being desires.

While many of us are aware of these impending and current disasters, organizations such as New Civilization, are attempting to awaken humanity through mindfulness, virtual interaction on The Internet, and by forming healthy, respectful alliances to make a difference and encourage changing the direction we are heading.

Our international health promotion team is a modest effort, but hopefully an expanding opportunity, to awaken individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations and communities to an awareness that touch or physical interaction with mindfulness, respect and love are basic human need requirements for safety, survival, resiliency, and for the wellbeing of humanity and all that exists. Our 15-Minute StressOut Program is a great model and "Best Practice" for bringing about change and improvement for the quality of lives, health and relationship throughout our society and beyond.

Obviously, there are serious considerations for being circumspect and skillful in offering nourishing touch as a conscious intervention in the workplace, schools, programs for elders, military, and in a family environment. Guidelines for the Safe Use of Touch include:

1)providing the option for participants to self-administer our program;

2)receiving permission to touch and reminding participants that contact is always in safe areas;

3)having witnesses or partners present;

4)teaching the activity to others so that they can be the givers of the stressout program;

5)encouraging participants to use the teaching DVD & Study Guide (Vest,1995)if the participant chooses not to make physical contact.


You can join with us in advancing the use of healthy, respectful and nourishing touch throughout the world by visiting and studying our website. Interact with us on our Forum , as well.

Humanity, nature and earth are in a vital relationship that is interactive, integrative and participatory with a total interdependency--What affects one of us affects all of us. This recognition calls on all of us, including our decision makers, to begin taking responsibility for what we do and how we improve our conditions, relationships, and our planet. Money, power and greed have gotten us into this quagmire. We must now dig ourselves out of this 'sink hole' of an economy, wars and a growing or expanding military-industrial complex. It is time for all of us to change and to contribute our resources, knowledge, skills and values for the improvement of our planet.

This change requires us to have empathy and compassion for one another and our planet. The quality of our lives, health and relationships depend upon each of us to find our place and niche in our society and in Nature. I believe we are created for a purpose, much like a tree, an animal, fish or bird. We need one another and everything to live and enjoy our opportunity to be alive. It is for this reason that I have chosen Touch, one of our Basic Human Need Requirements for living and for being whole and healthy. Our approach is to advance our knowledge, skills, values and practices to achieve our best possible human and social conditions while discovering our lost dignity and self respect.

Come join with us NOW!!! my website

Jerry Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT, Organization Team Leader

Professor Emeritus, NMSU and Holistic-Integrative and Senior Social Worker

Ft Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center

Note: Sand Painted Picture of War Dancer (Sands are all natural colored rocks)is by Daman Watchman, Sheep Springs, NM.  More >

 New Pythagoras Friends5 comments
31 May 2010 @ 21:27, by johnjoseph. Investigation, Intelligence
New mathematical/mystical group re-establishing the Pythagorean Brotherhood  More >

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