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 Master Teachers
picture14 Sep 2002 @ 18:14, by Zen Benefiel

Beloved Family,

In the process of our evolution we are being educated (information is drawn out) about our individual ascensions rising to the level of collective Beingness. Let’s look at the educational process for a moment while reflecting on our current affairs. We will be reflecting on this process from the ideal place of a master teacher, one who empowers the students to use critical thinking skills to self-assess and grow into the new living awareness that integrates the data of discussion, whether classroom activities or life in general.

An educator first introduces the ‘anticipatory set’ to the students. This includes the concepts and ideas that will be learned in this class, session or whatever. In our case, it is the introduction of the concepts of God/Goddess in human form. We know that as with any learning process, there will be resistance and reluctance toward change. This is human nature. We view the world from our previous databank of experience and knowledge.

This flows into the next piece of the process of education, recalling past learning. We all have it, yet it is obviously not all the same. So how do you draw out all this past knowledge to serve our current purpose? We process so that it is all on the table, so to speak, and each one has the opportunity to listen to, or observe, each other’s database. There is no judgment during this scenario as each piece of information that is shared is just as important as the rest. In this way we all see where each other is, with no conditions as to the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of the learning to date. It simply IS.

Now, the ‘essential question’ is asked. In this case, let us ask, “How does one become aware of their ONEness?” There is an accepted ‘knowing’ that each one of the students has some understanding or experience of their own path to enlightenment. So, each shares the most pertinent piece of their journey in recognition of the awareness of their connectedness, however great or small the experience was, is not important. All of the information is shared without criticism, condemnation or judgment. It simply IS.

We now have a data pool to draw from that can be shared as ‘collective’ information within the group. It is all-visible to each member, however each chooses to filter it in their own consciousness is often one of the ‘hidden’ processes that takes place, regardless of the external activity. These are processes that one internalizes and rarely offers in reflection to the group. Now that we have this collective database, we begin to realize the similarities in each individual contribution, as they are virtually the same. What I mean is that they have the same intent or purpose in achieving greater harmony. However, sometimes it is not clearly communicated due to using individual dictionaries of personal data to explain individual perspectives. A master teacher will facilitate the group toward understanding that they are saying similar things in different ways. Once this process is comprehended, the next phase is to begin to inquire as to the ‘categorization’ of importance in the list of priorities that provide the greatest good for ALL.

From the perspective of Godhood (non-gender/genre specific) we begin to filter each through the participation that is facilitated by the instructor, teacher, or whomever is at the front of the class. This one has already done his/her homework and compiled a list of information that has been derived from a much larger data pool. A master teacher is well prepared to facilitate their classroom experience, having begun with the end in mind. There is no difference in the development of any movement of consciousness, whether as an activist or zealot. It is the wise use of such process that empowers the zealot to become an activist by applying the sound technical practices of the process.

Let’s look at Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for a moment to illustrate a growth and unfoldment of a natural order within a construct of consciousness. It has been widely accepted that these multiple intelligences provide the essence of classroom student’s experiences, and I would like to add for students of life as well. Life is just a bigger classroom with greater risks and potential outcomes. Intelligences that Gardner has revealed so far are: Linguistic, Musical, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Intra-Personal, Inter-Personal, and Naturalistic. There are no definitive tools to assess exactly what percentage of each we individually manifest in order to provide instructional materials to empower these intelligences as of yet. They are usually only truly observable by a trained eye in the actual classroom environments. I believe there is one more intelligence that remains to be revealed. That is Spiritual Intelligence.

Before the proverbial ‘knee-jerks’ start happening, let us address our momentary definition of Spiritual Intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to respond to any given situation through the use of pure intuitive logical thought. Pure, meaning without resistance; intuitive, meaning you already know the answer/response; logical, meaning it has identifiable repetitive patterns; thought, meaning that it is a function of the ONE MIND. It has already been proven, scientifically, that life is made up of sets of fractals, each having its resonant core of the self-replicating pattern. We have yet to comprehend that this self-replicating pattern exists in its purest organic form (Naturalistic Intelligence) in our carbon atom. Its scientific reference would be 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. If we look at the examples below, we see that there are some very interesting patterns that evolve from the carbon atom’s configuration.

Now, what does this all mean? It means that this Spiritual Intelligence is at the core of our genetic fiber. Organically we are able to use this intelligence to activate Bloom’s taxonomy to the next level. In his work, there are five basic areas of focus in our educational processes. They are: Knowledge, Understanding, Analysis, Synthesis, and Application. They are relatively self-explaining terms. Through the use of Spiritual Intelligence, we are able to observe the categorical changes necessary in our world environment to align with the natural organic patterns of an interdependent civilization. We all can imagine what a world like this might be like. There is so much information about the pieces of such an environment, a new world order if you will, that it would seem our duty to utilize our knowledge to apply the best practices of Spiritual Intelligence.

Understanding that change takes time, we become the patient agents of perfected patterns that balance the scales of iniquity currently present on our planet. We already know how to evolve mental constructs into physical form. We also understand that it requires a ubiquitous desire for change. Our job is to craft the wheel for the greatest safety, the most sustainable comfort, and the greatest joy. How do we do that? Analyzing each of our alternative choices, and the risk of loss in each, we can assess the outcome of the choices and synergistically reveal the best choices to serve the greatest good, locally and globally. This leads us naturally to the application and implementation of the processes necessary, as our synthesis of solutions was developed as a natural evolution of the analysis of our choices. Again, it falls into the realms of pure intuitive logical thought as the entire process evolves naturally through the parameters of the foundational structure.

How does this reflect on the process of education? By definition the process of education is organic: to draw out. We now have the tools to draw out our map for our journey toward ONEness in perfectly acceptable order, a ‘new world order’ that acknowledges our past with honor and dignity. We harvest our past by bringing forth those tools most useful for our future, including the undesirable lessons learning the art of war. Now we can apply the same conceptual frameworks, used by the masters of manipulation of time and space, to create an atmosphere conducive to our ultimate need in the call toward Divinity: to love and be loved.

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