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picture25 Sep 2004 @ 03:39, by John Ashbaugh

To my well-informed friends at NCN, I have a request. I am currently teaching a composition course in argumentation, and part of the quarter’s requirement is to write a basic research paper. I’ve asked my students to submit their proposed topics, and one of them is interested in developing an informed opinion on the issues between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I would like to direct him to a few websites that can provide him with some balanced and reasonable perspectives on the issues involved. I know several of you are quite well versed in the deepest complexities of the history in this area. Where does one who doesn’t know much more about it than what he might find in the daily newspaper go to begin his self-education in this domain? Here is his proposal.

[.Israel and “Palestine” have been at each other’s throats for many years. From the return of Jews to Israel after WW2 to the “Six day’s War” to the now being formed wall in the West bank to keep terrorist Palestinians out of Israel, the conflict has raged for at least decades. I wish to research what drives these people to such extremes and get information from both sides of the question to gain an informed opinion on the whole “crisis.”]

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25 Sep 2004 @ 09:13 by vibrani : I can direct you
to many sites, but even what I feel is the most balanced and honest (historically and currently) online resources, you might think otherwise. Are you open to my suggestions? If you want books, I can also recommend one excellent one that covers the entire thing, complete with documentation.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 16:00 by koravya : Certainly
I am open to your suggestions.
Please indicate a couple or few
of what you consider to be the best websites,
and the book you are referring to.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 16:27 by swanny : The Bible
Someone once suggested that the Bible I suppose in its many
receivings is actually a Love Story .
The Love Story seems at first to favour one nation
yet that is the sticking point for many.
This Love Story is it just for Israel or all of Mankind.
God ...... Nation...... Humankind......
Could it perhaps embrace the entire Nation/Globe of Humanity
or even all of Mammality.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 19:40 by koravya : Love Story
Any book or story that purports to be a Holy Book
must embrace
all of Humankind, all of Mammality and all actions and words
that favor Life and Truth.  

11 Oct 2004 @ 21:29 by  @ : Commonly Asked Questions

{link:|Holyland Resources}  

12 Oct 2004 @ 14:16 by koravya : Thanks
Thanks for the above link,
and thanks to the others who
sent me some references via e-mail.  

2 Jan 2007 @ 02:25 by swanny @ : tsunami
interesting we were on the right trail and
then the tsunami
well mammality has turned one galactic year old
thats 230 million or so earth years

happy 2012/dec 26,2004

carry on

ed j  

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