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picture8 Aug 2005 @ 14:27, by Gerald Vest

When positive or joyous feelings and attitudes pass through each organ and circulate throughout our whole system, our physical and chemical energies are transformed and balanced. Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance

This newslog was inspired by Judih [link]in her work with children as a teacher, introducing music and art to teach teamwork, cooperation and interaction. During this past weekend I introduced this project to my grandchildren. We also included photography and writing to describe our project here on NCN. I will invite Ariana and Beau to share their feelings and thoughts about this project. Daeja enjoys her independence and decided she would not share her experience with us right now.

Ariana is 7 and Beau is 5. Daeja, our 3 yr old, had some difficulty sharing her art work with her brother and sister so perhaps she is too young to understand these concepts of adding to each others art work. Ari also had to remind Beau that our goal was to add to each others expression or try to improve it when we can. I think with more practice they will all improve their spirit of cooperation.

Our music, Culture X, [link] was very enthusiastically received and my grandkids would frequently leave the project and begin dancing. I think that these temporary diversions helped them extend their play time and enhance their abilities and creativity. I really appreciate their spontaneity and often dance with them.

This is Ari’s description of our art project:

Well, I love this project because it lets me express myself freely and I think it is a good thing for kids to learn how to cooperate and work together. When I paint, my feelings come out on the paper in a colorful and creative way. I also felt inspired by the game and that showed me I could eventually become a professional artist, writer and photograper.

The music helped me see that art and dance all go together nicely. The music goes through my body and makes me want to dance. When we stopped the music we would change each other’s art work and continue on with the game.

One other activity that we added was photography. I used PaPa’s camera to take pictures of the art project and learned how to load them into the computer. I had lots of fun doing this project. When we taped all our pictures together it looks beautiful like a thousand butterflies.

Beau described his experience like this:

This was fun and it made me happy and I would like to do it again some time. The End.

For me, I couldn’t think of a better way to have fun and be with my grandchildren. I love their creativity and joyful expression. They are really proud of their end result and know that we will frame the pictures and hang them on our wall.

Thank you Judih for the comments, enthusiasm and creativity that you share with us on NCN, on the Delphi Teacher Forum [link]and your own website. What an honor and joy you must be for children in your classroom as you naturally express your love for the arts and for the children you work with. Again, I look forward to continuing these projects with our grandkids, with the incarcerated juveniles, soldiers, and others I work with.

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8 Aug 2005 @ 19:23 by judih : Oh! That's beautiful!
Ariana's in a special artist's smock, all prepared for any exhuberant circumstance. Love it, Jerry! Love the sudden dancing and the colours that expanded the experience. Love the comments and love that you had such fun with them and this. Continue! Let the joy surge on.

and thanks for the enthusiastic mentions -----i feel your happiness.


8 Aug 2005 @ 21:41 by jerryvest : Thank you, Judih...
The smock was Ari's idea as she saw the opportunity to play the artist when her daddy came home from work and removed his shirt. He reminded her not to get paint on it while giving a big smile. You are so right on...I'm still feeling the happiness and joy from these learning experiences.

Much love,


8 Aug 2005 @ 22:47 by jstarrs : Hey, that's beautiful...
..listening to the music & humbled by your big hearts.
Thank you for sharing, thank you.
Here's Holly Tree for you.  

8 Aug 2005 @ 23:43 by jerryvest : Thanks, sure know how to put
the 'frosting on the cake.' Love Holly Tree and recommend that others click on your [link]. Can you tell me more about Holly's Tree and the artist?  

9 Aug 2005 @ 16:26 by mike @ : Hi,
and thanks for making this available. Very nice project. I'll have to try something along those lines when we get the grandkids over here again from Phoenix.  

9 Aug 2005 @ 17:08 by jerryvest : Do let us know how it goes, Mike.
I think that our kids will be wanting to repeat this project the next time we are together.  

9 Aug 2005 @ 18:41 by jstarrs : Jerry?
Holly Tree is myself and buddy Alan from a past lifetime...we're working together again.
Here's a link :
Your creativity sparked off something because, despite all the 'business junk' that tries to pull one down, I found out the only thing worth doing is to simply create, if you have to, i.e. get it off your chest & not worry about others applauding!
That shines through in your project.  

9 Aug 2005 @ 19:08 by jerryvest : Really a cool site, Jeff...the sounds,
images and words are really great expressions of these times. I particularly liked "F*** you Cowboys, we don't want no more, Hell No ...." It is so true what you say about creating and just doing it for the sake of creating. I appreciate artists, musicians, dancers, et al, for this reason. It sure comes through with your work. Thanks for sharing. I thought that it was your voice that I was listening too on Holly Tree. Nice going.  

11 Aug 2005 @ 20:32 by Jennifer @ : Art Project
Thanks for sharing Uncle Jerry. I love this idea and will try it with my Autistic kids. I will have some new kids this year and I am hoping they will tolerate some music as some of mine would not. It's a great cooperative activity which will truly increase social skills and sharing. Did Ari really use the work "inspired?" WOW!!!  

11 Aug 2005 @ 22:55 by jerryvest : Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, Ari has a
tremendous vocabulary and can read everything. She often dictates to me as she likes to read some of the weblogs here. I am always amazed that she does not lose her train of thought. Beau also can read and understand advanced concepts and will also be attending a gifted class this fall semester.

Do visit the weblogs and website that Judih develops as she is a teacher in special education as well. I'm sure that your Austic kids will appreciate her creativity as well.

Thanks for commenting here, Jennifer. You can really assist us in understanding and appreciating the work you do with this population.

Much love,


30 Aug 2005 @ 04:41 by astrid : Jerry, absolutely wonderful!
it all just takes my breath away, so wonderful it all is!.... and the music.... ahhh..... and the pics... wow!
Makes me think of two things: first: the story I told a few times already here: if I have a dollar and you have a dollar. Then I give my dollar to you and you give yours to me... we still both have a dollar each.

If I have an idea and you have an idea. Then I share my idea with you and you share your idea with me... now we both have TWO IDEAS!!! silly, but cute and very true, eh?

Secondly, came to think of Nassiris's "Love Sees No Color" Music Video ( DVD) that he made a few years ago with a whole bunch of kids from all over the world. It is absolutely stunning and worth purchaseing as a gift for the whole family/ school etc. Go to
Judih, in case you consider getting this music video, and IF you run into any kind of difficulties, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you!

Jerry, your pics are so full of HAPPY life! Isn't this the kind of life we all really want?! Let's all help ALL to achieve it! I'm with you!
Thank you, Astrid, for your beautiful thoughts and links. For sure we can aspire to have a happy life and do all we can to advance our children and others so that they can learn to express themselves and to have a good life. Let's continue to share our creativity and experiences here so that our 'new civilization' is filled with love, joy and happiness.

Love you,


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