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 Ancestors involved in Ritual Murder!
26 Nov 2001 @ 19:00, by gyrfalcon. History, Ancient World
Tonight on T.V. was a program about Wizards it was actually called..." Real Wizards ; the search for Harry's ( meaning Harry Potter's) Ancestors" This program covered all historical references to wizardry including pre-celtic origins (26,000B.C.) and Drudic Activities. But the most amazing facts concerned the so called Bog People for example the Tolland Man. Apprently these people weren't workers or labourers but rather of the upper class. Furthermore lab analysis has proved that they had a mixture in their stomachs ( their last supper, given before their Ritual Slaughter) that contained over 20 different cereals, and that mixture included Ergot the bacteria which LSD was synthezised from.The Ergot insured that the victim was oblivious to the garroting or stabbing that would ritually end his life. See a picture of the Tollund man at this site...


 Beyond Atlantis - Egyptian symbols & UFO's22 comments
picture10 Nov 2001 @ 10:45, by sea. History, Ancient World
Ancient Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphics have turned up in some unexpected places. Are these ancient egyptian hieroglyphics truely egyptian in nature or where they learned by the Egyptians from another source? If they are truely an Egyptain design, why is it that hieroglyphics, extremely simular to the egyptain symbols have been found all over the world. Many of these older then the scienctific community states Egypt to be. Instead of looking to Atlantis for answers, should we be looking beyond Atlantis? Have UFO's played a part in our ancient past? This question has been brought up many times before. Did we really take the time to ponder it? Or just brush it off subconsiously as impossible?  More >

 Order of the Assassins3 comments
picture2 Nov 2001 @ 01:07, by ming. History, Ancient World
I just realized how the mindset of the current islamic terrorists can be better understood by studying the Order of the Assassins, as there are many parallels, and Osama and his people seem to operate in many ways as the Assassins did. A thousand years ago they were the muslim counterpart to the christian crusaders, most particularly they were the counterpart to the Knights Templar. They operated through terror, prided themselves in the ability to strike anywhere at any time, and often would assassinate leaders of their opposition. Their warriors were drugged and shown how they would return to a life if heaven, with beautiful virgins and infinite glory, if they carried out their missions. Thus they had absolutely no fear of dying.  More >

 Secrets of the Sphinx
22 Oct 2001 @ 12:25, by sindy. History, Ancient World

The ancients of Kemet knew about a golden age that encompassed a minimum of seven Great Years. These ages were considered golden because the peoples of the earth were intellectually and spiritually developed, and had a complete understanding of the universe, the creator and the universal principles that govern our existence. This was a time lead by great elders who taught the real purpose of our human existence.  More >

 The Deciphermnet of Meroitic
picture20 Oct 2001 @ 13:33, by sindy. History, Ancient World
I have deciphered Meroitic based on the most logical path to the decipherment of any dead language. Maurice Pope (1975) , made it clear that before a dead language can be deciphered you most have the right theoretical structure to base your inquiry upon (p.191). There were three preliminary conditions that must be met before any decipherment: 1) confidence that a script can be deciphered; 2) location of proper names must be determined; the grammatical rules of the target language must be known
The Deciphermnet of Meroitic


Clyde Winters  More >

 The city of Ashkelon
picture20 Oct 2001 @ 04:19, by sindy. History, Ancient World
From Canaanites to Crusaders, the city of Ashkelon was a strategic Mediterranean port for nearly 5,000 years.  More >

 When We Arrived
picture18 Oct 2001 @ 09:46, by sindy. History, Ancient World
Around 90,000 years ago, modern humans appeared in the Near East. They weren't the first humans to make this journey, and as they moved north and west, they encountered earlier immigrants. In some places, the newcomers settled right next to their archaic cousins, living in close proximity for tens of thousands of years. Then suddenly, around 30,000 years ago, the older humans disappeared.  More >

 Schoolboy deciphers ancient text
17 Oct 2001 @ 11:38, by sindy. History, Ancient World
schoolboy has beaten museum experts by deciphering ancient Egyptian writing.  More >

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