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 Secrets of the Sphinx
22 Oct 2001 @ 12:25, by sindy

The ancients of Kemet knew about a golden age that encompassed a minimum of seven Great Years. These ages were considered golden because the peoples of the earth were intellectually and spiritually developed, and had a complete understanding of the universe, the creator and the universal principles that govern our existence. This was a time lead by great elders who taught the real purpose of our human existence.

They taught that purpose was not to make a living but to make a life, a balanced life, worthy and useful, filled with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, awareness, complete love and truth. The people of those ages knew nothing of man-made sin, war, separation, ignorance, fear, shame, hate or organized religion. This higher consciousness was reflected back with life spans far beyond our present life expectancy, free of guilt, shame, self hate, disease, sickness and suffering.

On the ceiling of the Dendera temple was carved a Zodiac or Celestial Day so remarkable that the original ceiling was removed and re-erected in Paris and a copy substituted. The signs of the Zodiac portray a configuration of the stars from about 90,000 BC. The astrological symbols, according to the Precession of the Equinoxes, denotes the passage of three and a half Great Years, each being 25,800 years. This reveals that approximately ninety thousand years have elapsed since the true knowledge and history of our earth and it's inhabitants was removed and the present history and time line of what we call civilization was substituted.

It is interesting to note that in the Dendera Zodiac, a star called Cassiopeia which means up upside down queen or Goddess. Legend says as punishment for her vanity/POWER, Cassiopeia was placed in the sky to revolve around the celestial pole forever, sometimes hanging upside down in undignified positions and is associated with the constellation Aries.

The priesthood in Kemet was well aware of the coming Tantric Dark Ages as represented by the upside-down Ethiopian Queen, Goddess, and feminine principles being turned upside down ( in our consciousness) or completely ignored in this present male dominated world. These last 6,000 to 8,000 years have been a living hell and a true reflection of this cosmic malady. Indeed the ages of spiritual darkness and the disregarding of feminine principles and values are still with us at this writing in 2001.

The last 2,000 years have been the Piscean age symbolized by two fish that are supposed to be tied together trying to swim apart. We allowed them to swim so far apart that we lost sight of the principle of opposites and that they were originally connected. This is the hide stage of the game of universal "Hide and Seek" in full manifestation. The more we separate them, the more lost we become. At this juncture in our age of this great year, we are using less than twelve percent of our brain's potential and we are still only putting one fish on the car bumper thinking it has something to do with Christianity.

In the same vain, the Ankh, a Tau or Ansate cross was a very ancient Kemetian symbol of generation and enduring life and the connecting of the female and male principles, united in unity and harmony. That was changed and made the main symbol of Christianity without the loop at the top representing the feminine principle. If you notice that Jesus was killed on a cross with only the male symbol in place. The loop at the top (feminine principle) is absent and only the lower male symbol is present. That condition is with us today. If you notice Jesus drew only one fish in the sand. He know just how lost we are.

The ancients of Kemet divide the 25,800-year cycle of our earth into twelve ages instead of twelve months and the Great Sphinx in Kemet marks the" Happy New Year" of this cycle. The 25,800-year cycle of our planet with its four seasons is called the Great Year, the Platonic Year (Plato's Year) or the precession of the equinoxes. The four seasons of the Great Year are marked by the four minor sphinxes of Kemet. In astronomy Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio constellations are believed to be the 4 minor sphinex.

The North Star (pole star) also changes with the precession of the equinoxes. The North Star was Thuban (Alpha Draconis) when the Great Pyramid was constructed to align with true north. The descending passage of the Great Pyramid points to Thuban, the most accurately aligned pole star of all the north stars in the last 25,800-year cycle of our earth.

The word sphinx means to bind or close a circle tightly and the Great Sphinx binds Virgo and Leo together in the Zodiac on the ceiling of the Portico — at Esna's Khnum Temple. The Great Sphinx also marks our present Platonic year, Leo being the first age in this Great Year. When Moses threw out the golden calf, he knew it was the end of the Taurian Age or the fourth age in our present Great Year. He instructed his followers to get rid of the bull, put lambs' blood on the doors and place rams' horns in the temples.

By looking at the Master Calendar, the Mazzaroth, or the Zodiac in the heavens, anyone could see that it was the dawning of the Age of Aries the ram or lamb. It was the start of the fifth age in our current Great Year. It was during the third age, or the Age of Gemini 6,000 to 8,000 years ago, when some people on the earth believed the allegorical Adam and Eve lived. Gemini is also known as the twins or Adam and Eve in the ancient Zodiacs. The game of the universe is indeed hide and seek, lost and found.

Dismember is to separate. To re - member is to put it back together again or to remember something we have forgotten. The coming of Aquarius, the water bearer, gives us two lines that fit back together. We are approaching a time of Atonement (at-one-ment). It is time for us to remember or awaken. It is time to look down and observe that our right and left hands, body and sexual organs are all connected. Notice that the electric light doesn't work without the plus and minus and there can be no day without night. The end of the Piscean Age is a time of Revelations. It is time to reveal the truth.

This axiom was best articulated by the Christ "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" but truth is not without pain. The purpose of the Universal Life Church Neberdjer Society is to start this process of cosmic re - membering and awaking consciousness. We start by teaching that seeking the truth is seeking wholeness, knowing truth is knowing freedom and embodying truth is the essence of enlightenment. Where do we start? What is the cosmic key? We believe that the Maat' wisdom "Ma" combined with Tehuti (knowledge and understanding) or Thoth wisdom is the starting point of this inward spiritual journey.

The ancients knew that the female goddess brain has neural links between the fore-brain and the cerebellum that allow sensations of Sema Neberdjer, Sex Magick and physical pleasure to be directly integrated into the neo-cortex or high brain centers. This explains why women can experience orgasms so powerful and profound that they can enter into spiritual trances and altered states of consciousness. This blessed and sacred orgasmic experience is one in which the physical and spiritual are fused and is the core of great mystical experiences.

In this orgasmic state, the body is no longer felt as matter. Like electricity it vibrates deeply back and forth touching the goddesses' very foundation and being. No longer is it a material thing or act, rather it becomes a cosmic electric phenomenon whereby one learns to surrender to that moment of time, pulsating, flowing, rising and becoming pure energy. This is the energy of lost boundaries, creative minds and subtle rhythms as your beloved and others around you also feel and pulsate in this great Tantric energy field of love as only pure energy is left. When the whole body is filled with this divine energy, a harmony is created which is the greatest music possible. Orgasm is ecstasy. Orgasm is a state in which you are very close to the universal God.

This orgasmic state is like death as far as your material image is concerned. You die as far as you think you are a body. You die as a body and evolve as vital energy. There are some lost goddesses that try to be in control at all times. Unfortunately, they can not experience this state. This is a total let go. It has nothing to do with the beloved or someone else giving you an Orgasms. The whole thing is happening within you the goddess. In this cosmic and holy state the goddess is indeed the elevated being she was created to be. Osho

Knowing this and fearing the power of women, our male dominated societies have oppressed, subjected and repressed the goddess citizens for many generations until this present day lead by religious organizations and false teachings that call this most holy process "sin". Whatever caused the concubine mentality to form in the collective consciousness of the human male predates any historical records we have ever been exposed too. Somewhere and in some time in that 90,000 year time period the Kemetian speak of, there was an awful and catastrophic shift in the spiritual and cosmic knowledge in male homo-sapiens whereby the human element and homogeneous of female and male natures was lost and removed from our consciousness.

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