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2 Oct 2007 @ 20:26, by Craig Lang

I posted this on my personal blog, but I thought I'd add it here, too.
It's a note on the lecture I went to last night, by the author and historical researcher, Frank Joseph.

I'm not an expert, by any means, on these topics. Yet I found them both fascinating and a bit reachy. What do you think?


Yesterday evening, I went to a fascinating talk. It was presented at the Minnesota Theosophical Society, by Frank Joseph. Frank is a prolific writer and very detailed researcher. He has dug quite deeply into the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and other historical legends/mysteries that have fascinated so many of us for so many years. I thought his talk was intriguing, and yet like most lectures on these topics, it had my discernment filter running in high gear.

Frank Joseph described a very different history behind the Ark - one which is very much not from the JudeoChristian point of view. He described how the Ark was initially installed in the Great Pyramid. At it's core is a crystal stone, an electromechanical transducer. It's purpose was to dampen out siesmic vibrations, as Egypt is in a very seismically active area.

Going back into prehistory, Joseph depicts the origin of Egyptian civilization, as with other civilizations, as descended from an initial union with the gods. Specifically, enlightened proto-humans of a previous age. At some point, human lust for power caused the separation, with a band of less (but still quite) enlightened people settling on the shores of the Nile delta.

At that point, the Pyramids suddenly simply appear. This is about 3100 BC (Note the top is dated to 3100 BC, while the bottom dates to about 2500 BC). At this point, they are carrying with them a large stone tablet, which is a source of energy, spiritual power, etc. This, they install in the sarcophagus of the pyramid. This is "coincidentally" at the start of the Egyptian golden age.

Segue ahead to the reign of Akhenaten, the pharoh who tried to introduce monotheism to Egypt. He removed the stone from the pyramid and installed it in his new religious capital. This caused the pyramid to lose its function, and "coincidentally" corresponded with a decline of Egyptian civilization. Once Akhanaten passed away, the stone was restored to its place in the King's chamber and Egyptian civilization "coincidentally" began it's second kingdom, a new golden age.

Now fast-forward a few years. After the death of Akhenaten, his followers, including a marginalized group known as the Hebrews, carried their monotheistic beliefs with them to the western part of the delta. At some point, they had a falling out with the restored polytheistic theocracy. They rebelled, under the leadership of one named Moshare. They overpowered the guardians of the pyramid and took the crystal tablet with them.

This was about the time of the Egyptian struggles with invaders they called the Sea People. During this time, the Hebrew rebellion caused them alot of trouble. But eventually, both were defeated. The Egyptians chased the Hebrews west across what is called the Sea of Reeds. At that point the Sea People attacked again, and a battle ensued in the marshes. Joseph theorizes that this probably led to the story of the parting of the Red Sea. Of course, the similarity is not lost on anyone. Moshare is the Hebrew Moshe, or Moses. And the crystal tablet, in its "carrying case" is, of course, the Ark of the Covenant.

Joseph goes on to describe how the ark is used throughout history, both for good and for evil. Fast forward to the middle ages. A band of nobles from Europe is sent by a secretive group opposed to the Catholic hierarchy, to the temple to search for the ark. This group soon becomes the Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple. Their real job is to search for the Ark and the Grail (Joseph states that these two are really the same thing). In summary, they found it, and spirited it away, eventually to France.

As the ark tends to enlighten all who possess it (with some definite downsides, however), the group appointed to guard it, the Cathars, founded a mini-civilization within France. At some point, the church cracked down on them, and on the Templars, resulting in the Albaginian Crusades - or, in short, a massacre of awful proportions. Again, the ark/grail was spirited away. Joseph suggests that it was hidden in a cave somewhere in the Pyrenees.

There's lots more, including Nazi Germany, etc. But I think you get the picture. There is an endless history of intrigues, travels, disasters and enlightenment that follows the Ark/Grail stories. It is a fascinating series of accounts, which Frank Joseph has researched, and builds a good case for. Whether they are true, the jury is definitely out. But they are tremendous food for thought.

What Joseph describes is quite at odds with several other recent works in the Grail hunt. One of these is the Martin Gardener, etc. al. work on "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" that describes the grail as, in actuality, the bloodline of Jesus. Another account that Joseph is in conflict with is the work of Graham Hancock that traces the Ark to the city of Axum. Again, who is right? I certainly don't know, but none of these can be dismissed out of hand without doing alot more homework.

So what do I believe? nothing. It definitely casts a new light on the Old Testament, which I never took literally, anyhow. As Frank Joseph stated, the Old Testament is a poetic recounting of history, captured from Hebrew oral tradition. It is a beautiful cornerstone to the Judeo-Christian family of religions, and thus, divinely inspired by God. But it ends with that.

So, again, I need to take with a grain of salt, anything I hear on these (pro or con). Anything described in most of this literature is simply a theory, an interesting interpretation of research and archival digging with many possible interpretations. For me, it was an evening of fascination and discernment.

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2 Oct 2007 @ 23:11 by celestial : The Ark
I've always been fascinated with the Ark but always viewed it as an exaggerated story until I studied electronics.

I now believe it was a gigantic condenser (capacitor). The way it was kept isolated (insulated) with wood poles to move it suggests that it was an electronic device. The wings of the cherubs were of beaten (hammered) gold and very thin. These served as collectors of static electricity.

Over a period of time, they continually collected such a charge that if discharged into a living organism, it would certainly kill (probably over one farad).

I don't believe the Israelites actually understood what they were building but proceeded on faith and built it according to the ideas which came to them.  

2 Oct 2007 @ 23:30 by bushman : Hmm,
Ya, ever read the book, "Giza Power Plant" I forgot who wrote it, but basicly states the same thing, and the sarcophogus in the kings chamber has the exact inner dimentions of the Ark. We also know that if you take a loop of wire and string it up a 100ft or so over a large area, you will get a constant 300 volts with very low amps give or take, you could just convert that voltage down to bring up the amps in a timed fasion which we call cycles. So if you had a gold cap on the priamid, and a mesured gap between that and the Ark, you could easily charge up it capacitace properties, as we know with car spark plugs the farther the gap, the hotter the spark.  

3 Oct 2007 @ 15:15 by craiglang : crystals and capacitors
Frank Joseph talked alot about the Ark being a capacitor, fed with EM energy from the crystal, etc. When placed in an area with a lot of mechanical vibrations (e.g. a seismic zone), the piezoelectric effect could perhaps generate a hefty voltage. It's fascinating, and again, I am not enough of an expert on non-main-stream archaeology to comment too much on that.

IMHO, at first glance, the electrical engineering of it seems a bit on the shakey side, but I probably don't know enough of the details to draw a conclusion.


5 Oct 2007 @ 13:51 by rayon : Also been here
with Laurence Gardiner. The Grail and Ark are not the same, unless the Ark as described here (as usual) is a materialised notion of what the Grail really is (as understood by religionists and spoke of by me in my log, Magdalen).

The materialised notion, like the form of the Labyrinth being understood to provide the meaning, whereas of course, the meaning comes from the persons submissive stance with compassion in the mind of accepting whatever happens (Buddhist every day stuff). Those not in this stance can tap into the idea by located a memory device, so as not lost for all time, into the materialised notion representative of a state of being. This is my understanding of Ark. People like the Nazi's are about as far removed from "the state" of being as can be imagined, and therefore most likely to set about ardently digging in the desert sands and under pyramids to find the famous materialised form and authors and filmakers will jump gaily on such band waggons to regenerate the myth, and so life continues!!! All fun stuff!  

8 Oct 2007 @ 06:06 by Vibrani @ : timelines, etc.
This makes absolutely NO sense, Craig. Sorry, but his dates are all wrong, the data is wrong from the scientific and archaeological and religious data. As you might know, I am aware of ET's and their involvement with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, I know ancient history, Egyptology, and religion, and what you posted just does not work. Atlantis sank about 12,500 years ago, and then the Ancient Eygptian civilization began. Joseph talking about the Pyranees? How does he come up with that? And the only thing it has to do with the Nazis is wanting occult power and to rule the world. They never found the ark. If you haven't already seen it, I encourage you to see "The Exodus Decoded" and read this site: You may not believe the Old Testament, and I'm not saying it's all accurate, but there is some truth in it.  

8 Oct 2007 @ 16:02 by craiglang : More on timelines, etc...
Hi Nora,
Thanx for your comment.
Sounds like I hear some views here... :-)

I'm not sure that Frank Joseph directly/immediately connects Atlantis and ancient Egypt. He does state that the mythology of the origin of Egypt traces back to a co-abidance of humans and gods. Whether that's Atlantis, I can't say. If it were, then Egypt would have to date back to roughly that period - and I certainly can't say it doesn't, given some of the date anomalies w.r.t. the Sphinx.

The Pyrenees are supposedly where the Ark was taken by the last of the Cathars, who escaped the Albigensian(sp?) crudade. Joseph actually suggests that the contents of the Ark, i.e. the crystal tablet, is what the Nazi's found. However, he also offers evidence suggesting the contrary, that the Ark is still hidden, perhaps in the Pyrenees (he also offers several other possible histories having nothing to do with the Pyrenees).

It is pretty well established that the SS did have SOME kind of a crystal stone in their posession, and that they ascribed occult properties to it. But it is only conjecture that this had anything to do with the Ark. Joseph admits as much. IMHO, Frank Joseph does more to explore ideas than to offer one specific theory.

As to whether the OT is accurate or not, my understanding from a wee bit of Bible study is that it is accurate, but from one specific point of view. In one sense, it is historical poetry. But in another sense it needs to be taken as metaphor. Events and historical figures can be cross-checked and found accurate. Still, I don't think the text is meant to be taken literally.

My understanding is that Frank Joseph's work makes sense if you examine his material. I'm not saying I agree with it, just that it seems internally consistent and seems to have some extensive research behind it. There are probably quite a few theories that make as much sense. Again, use your own discernment.

Just my humble observations... :-)

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