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5 Dec 2007 @ 06:46, by Anthony Marsh

And its a copy of an even older world map. I think maybe we should examin our past a little more closly and disspell the lies of writen modern history.
Main site: [link]
Oh youll fall off the ends of the Earth, lol. I can't believe people fell for that flat Earth BS way back when, but then look what some people still believe today. lol.


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5 Dec 2007 @ 07:38 by vaxen : Cool...
but, you know, as well as I do, that no one believed in a 'flat earth!' Not the Arabs, not the Jews, not the Chinese, not even the Italianos nor even the Kelts (Who 'settled' the world). That was cooked up by the bigots who want you to believe that our 'Ankestros' were inostentatiously perverted and primitive beyond belief. Of course no one seems to take into account such wonders as the pyramids, oh no! Or stonehenge (Which isn't the only henge) or the ancient batteries in the Baghdad museum (What's left of it and even what's right of it) nor all the wonderful writings the Greeks stole from the Arabs who were amongst the best astronomers and knew, really knew, about space and where we hang in it! ~ The Greeks were wise because they learned how to speak Arabic then stole the knowledge and claimed it as their own...which, of course, it was. They'd just forgotten. And the Arabs got their know how from? Sumer! Land of the Eloh-iim! Those who from Heaven to Earth descended (In 'star' ships) ;)

Here I go again shpieling like I know something! I don't. I know nothing. Since no-thing is every-thing then I guess I really do know it all! Oi!

Thanks bushman san for another ;)

"When it comes to security, no two nations can ever be exactly alike, but clearly convergence is accelerating. Together with our international partners, we are working hard to enhance security, here and across the globe."

Michael Chertoff  

5 Dec 2007 @ 16:25 by bushman : Just
shows how easy its been thru-out time to dumb down peticular populations.  

5 Dec 2007 @ 17:31 by koravya : Nice Stuff
Thanks for sharing.

8 Dec 2007 @ 11:09 by jazzolog : But There Was Mystery And Danger
The way I heard it was the flat-earth thing was not the problem for navigators and sailors. Fear of unknown beasts existed then, as it does now, but falling off the edge wasn't the trouble. They knew the earth was round, but they didn't know how big it was. Hard to plan a voyage like that.  

8 Dec 2007 @ 16:55 by bushman : Ya,
There has always been Pirates, but in most the schools I went to, didn't go beyond teaching the flat Earth part. Well in 5th grade they did mention giant squids. Im thinking back then they probably had a disinfo agenda to keep people from finding the true sorces of thier wealth, basicly so people wouldn't leave out the middleman in trade. :}  

8 Dec 2007 @ 18:07 by swanny : Hey ho
Interesting well the oldest one I've come across is a Greek one from about
200 BC.... But it basically shows the roman empire of sorts

those Greeks were way ahead of their time with their mechanical computer (antikythera device ) and all

and heres one I pieced together from about 300 AD using web references

I figured most of the world was in the midsts of the agricultural revolution
at the time and its kind of amazing too that so many advanced civs were operating in relative isolation of each other.


8 Dec 2007 @ 19:01 by bushman : Hmm,
Well as Im sure more modern groups of people pieced together older maps, I don't agree that anciant races were as isolated from each other as most may think. Just a few years ago I met a person on the net from New Mexico whos family has some farm land there, and they had found some native american ruins and stuff, and one of the artifacts they found was a 2000 year old carved green jade spinxs, deffinetly very early egyptian work, as well there are many ruins that document chiness and egyptian trade going back nearly 10,000 years. Something was going on back then that rivals trade of today.  

8 Dec 2007 @ 19:32 by swanny : Yes
Yes I heard something about that too...
that they found cocaine and tobacco in the Eygptian tombs in Eygpt...
and some one recently mentioned something about a chinese invasion fleet about that time I think around 3000 BC.... funny that ... sure wasn't what we were taught was gospel .... more to this world than meets the eye then. Afterall mankind of the modern type has been on the scene for about 100,000 years....
Hard to say what all might be buried out there although I suppose best getz ourselves out of our current mess instead of pokin around in the ground.
well things have been worse though I suppose. Climate change is somewhat of a ride. I figure best we keep our eyes on the crops so we'll all have some fixins in the store for din din.
Any who thanks for the info.


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