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18 Nov 2005 @ 15:51, by Shreepal Singh

A nation-state is composed of individuals. These individuals share common interests and they are like synchronous parts of a machine. A nation-state has its own personality, a complex one that is changing and defining every moment, just as a human being.

Today all nation-states on Earth are united. They have evolved themselves into a loose organism: United Nations Organization.

Until very recently these nation-states were not united at the global level. There was free for all, for at least past 5000 years, about which we know something and call historic period of mankind.

But human beings have not dwelt here on Earth only for the last 5000 years. The prehistoric period of human race, Homo sapiens, spans for much longer period in duration.

Mankind has existed for several tens of thousands of years and all along this long period she had MIND. Today she possesses an evolved mind that has the capability to explore things in the UNKNOWN zone to a considerable degree, though this zone is INFINITE.

Mind has explored into the PAST part of this unknown zone and now sketchy picture of emergence of life on Earth and history of mankind is available.

Life on Earth (in the form of First shellfish) has existed at least since 530 millions of years (the end of Precambrian period). The first modern humans have appeared on Earth at about 1.8 millions years ago (at the start of Quaternary period). March of life is really slow! But, lo! when one puts this period in relation to the vast span of time that our Earth took to make itself hospitable to life it is very fast!! And if we compare this period of origin of life and its evolution into human beings with the extremely vast span of time since OUR Big Bang (the last one in which we live, out of an endless cyclic occurrences of Big Bangs in universe) the emergence of life and evolution of human race occurred in fraction of a second.

The evolution of Homo Erectus - modern human beings - took place during the Ice Ages (about 290 millions years ago the first Ice Age gripped our Earth and thereafter Earth passed through four such Ages, last being about 10 thousands years ago) and human-like animals – Hominids – first made their debut about 4 millions years ago somewhere in grasslands of Africa.

Perhaps – Homo sapiens- human beings as we know them today made their appearance by branching out them from the rest of the herd within comparatively a very short period of time. Perhaps it was when one of their common herd or a group of them REALIZED, like a sudden flicker of thought, that he or they can DEVISE tools, perhaps during chiseling a stone piece, in leisure hours, that accidentally turned into a pointed dart, to defend them against rival contenders. It was an unintentional experiment that yielded discovery. It was a discovery, a small step forward in making their life easier and safer but it was a giant leap in evolutionary march.

It was the glimpse – light - of MIND. It must have happened as a sudden event on the scale of time (spanning for centuries, if not more) that grew steadily in its multifarious dimension and scope. Then, perhaps it spread like wild fire from one individual to another because it was very useful ability for human beings. This inner insight had a practical utility, and therefore it got a momentum after having the first kick start. What were the current problems then of the herd that this ABILITY of human beings did solve? They were overweighed with the problem of survival. They had to contend with rivals - animals, similar clans and natural forces - and to win and survive in the struggle. The discovery of chiseled dart helped them in their struggle and their ability to make experiment to make discovery helped them much more.

There is another aspect of this event that happened in the long past, and of which we have no way of having any record, that needs to be investigated. Is it possible that the event of sudden thought, a glimpse of thinking process of Mind, happened in the herd for the first time and immediately it was picked up and spread by a splinter group of the herd? No, it could not have been the first and solo event. It must have happened so many times in the past and involving so many individuals. It must have, then in the past, been attempted by those individuals who had that glimpse of thinking process to spread the idea to other members of the herd but must have failed to pick up and spread further. The idea to be accepted by large enough number of herd-members and spread spontaneously further required a certain level of collective consciousness of herd members. Initially, the idea must have been glimpsed by a series of individuals, attempted to be spread further but failed. But all these attempts contributed in heightening the level of collective consciousness and eventually made the herd, or a splinter group of the herd, to accept the idea, the thought process of Mind, and to make it a part of their daily life. Therefore, there must haven a series of pioneers of thought process in the past before that process was finally picked up by the members generally as their own part of consciousness. We do not have any evidence of such an event having taken place. There is no way to collect such evidence, for the event relates to subtle process of consciousness and leaves no material impact on the outside world. But this hypothesis gets support from the evidence of current events concerning animals’ thought process happening occasionally around the globe. There are occasional reports that an animal, monkey or chimpanzee, when faced with difficult puzzle, a situation, that concerned with its immediate benefit or loss SUDDENLY got the glimpse of thought-process and learnt to use Mind to solve that puzzle. A large number of experimental cases with animals are available today that suggest that there is an event of initiation of thought process in animals in given situations. Animals in their natural habitat also are reported to have SUDDENLY started behaving in a way that proves that there was initiation of thought process in the animal. But in all these cases, this individual event is not carried forward in a sustainable manner. And much more, this process is not spread further to other members of the animals group. It requires really very long period of time and sustained spurring conditions (puzzles in the struggle for survival) before the glimpse of thought process – or a series of such glimpses in different individuals – becomes acceptable to the common herd and part of their collective consciousness. Let us pick up our journey from that point where thought process of Hominids became part of their collective consciousness and proceed further.

We human beings have come very far from that point. We have emerged from caves to make houses on moon; we have started from a point where we chiseled stone-darts and reached a point where we make fusion bombs; we stepped on a journey at a point where we knew that fire is made by wooden friction and reached in that journey on a point where we know all fundamental forces of nature are ONE and they seem differently under different conditions. It was a long journey. But at the initial point of our journey we were living in a twilight zone where the Old ended and New started. At that time it was a critical point in life’s evolutionary march. It must have a very difficult period also. The Hominids herd divided into two: the old members went their way and ridiculed the New who frolicked with stones and claimed they were superior to the rest who did not know to do so. In fact, in practical terms, the majority was right for chiseling darts was not a great advantage over the old and proven strategy of superiority of number and of maneuvering in antagonistic clash. But the Old were proven wrong in long run. The Old did not realize the potency of experimenting and inventing and they are still left in jungles to fend for themselves for their mistake.

Today we are in a twilight zone again. Mind is offering a flicker of something higher than itself. This glimpse of Light - here and there, among scientists, saints, thinkers – is making our herd – Homo sapiens – restless. The air of expectancy is laden with heavy portents. Perhaps New Civilization is a cry of those who saw something new and of utility, an ability of Heart that is superior to Mind and is pregnant with more potential.

There are billions of individuals on our Earth. All are not alike in the state of their consciousness.

There are individuals who are not satisfied with the present state of things. Their MIND is in quest of the UNKNOWN. They are open to the MYSTERY OF UNIVERSE. They belong to New Civilization.

Then, there are others. Their HEART longs for the UNKNOWN. They are open to the MYSTERY OF UNIVERSE. They belong to New Civilization.

And, still there are others. They are fed up of the drudgery of repetitively meeting demands of their BODY and its Desires. Their body wails for the UNKNOWN. Their DESIRES are centered on KNOWING the UNKNOWN. Their MIND is in quest of the UNKNOWN. Their HEART longs to know the UNKNOWN. Such individuals are in extremely short supply on Earth - almost rare - but they are very much there on Earth. They are the pioneers of New Civilization. All these three kinds of people, put together, are in minority on our Earth and therefore New Civilization has not yet dawned on our planet. And the coming of New Civilization depends upon them. They are talking to one another today, as the members of splinter group of Homo Erectus must have had talked in the past to one another while trying to know more and to get victory over blind nature.

Also there are individuals who are satisfied in meeting the demands of their body and desires. Their mind is satisfied with what in known to them. Their heart is content with what it possesses. They are the pillars of old civilization. On Earth such individuals are in majority and therefore old civilization is thriving.

Is it possible that some of us, we human beings, are opened to the MYSTERY OF UNIVERSE for the first time? Is it possible that this REALIZATION of the existence of something that is mystery to Mind has occurred all of a sudden for the first time today among some of the members of mankind? No, it cannot be so. In the past of Homo sapiens, there has been a series of individuals who had a glimpse of the MYSTERY OF UNIVERSE and who tried to spread the same to other members of the herd of Homo sapiens. About 5000 years ago, Zurthustra of Zend-Avesta had a glimpse of this Mystery and tried to spread it. Some members of the herd listened to him, the thing was accepted by some and the level of collective consciousness was raised a bit. Then, about 2500 years ago, Lord Buddha had a glimpse of this Mystery and tried to spread it. It was accepted by some and the level of collective consciousness was heightened further. About 2005 years ago, Lord Jesus Christ had a glimpse of this Mystery and he tried to spread it to other members of the herd. Homo sapiens’ collective consciousness was further raised to new level. These are the well known cases of which mankind is generally aware. And, there are many more cases of individuals in the past of mankind who had the glimpse of this Mystery and tried to spread a word about it. And, then came a new creed - science - came on the scene whose avowed mission is to search TRUTH and whose avowed method of searching truth is to perform experiment and match its result with the hypothesis. This creed uncovered many secrets of nature and currently it is on its drive to uncover many more. It is bringing the collective consciousness of mankind to a point where lessons of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Psychology, Para-psychology and all other conceivable branches of positive sciences are converging on a single point with lessons of Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ and all other great saints of the world. All these contributed in raising the level of collective consciousness of modern day mankind. Is the herd of Homo sapiens ready to accept this Mysterious glimpse as part of their collective consciousness? Has mankind reached a point where this glimpse could become an integral part of its consciousness? The time will tell.

Is it possible that people belonging to New Civilization get united? It is in the realm of future. Technologically, it is possible today. Internet is there to make it possible. But all such individuals are not wired. And many, for good reason, do not want to be connected.

What is the superiority of New Civilization over Old one? What are the current problems that our herd – herd of Homo sapiens – is facing? Our herd knows today that there is One and Single fundamental force operating in nature: the Unified Field. It also knows how to blow ourselves up in flames by realeasing the energy from the coils of matter where it is formetted by nature in unimagineably vast amount (E=mc squared). It also realizes that in the vast span of universal space we are a tiny speck, an island, blooming with life. It wants to know all that it does not know yet but knows that it must exist somehow. It also wants to reach out of our crammed Earth to other islands in our universe. There is a sense of urgency in the air. And also there is a sense of lurking danger around us. This fear is emanating from our own capability and distrust. What contribution can New Civilization make to solves these current problems?

With people belonging to New Civilization getting united as a single force and one voice, several benefits would accrue to mankind. Such people, once united, would have participation in taking decisions on Earth that are now being taken by nation-states. Then, there would be lesser number of wars, if not cessation of them. There would be then more peace on Earth than now. After all, New Civilization is to some degree higher than the old one on mankind’s evolutionary upward path.

Is it possible that individuals belonging to New Civilization get together as United Peoples Organization? Is it possible that they use New Civilization Network as their HQ?

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19 Nov 2005 @ 07:21 by aaronb : consciousness is evolving
There is a growing and an evolving small group people that understand that global consciousness can only start to be elevated when they themselves become the change they seek in others. The observant outsiders will who are seekers,looking to elevate their quality of life, will recognize there is a narrow pathway that works for "them", asking themselves- "is this worth looking at for myself?" Major change is taking place but there is no advantage promoting a public declaration of this fact.For the many would be willing to obliterate the few rather than admit there ways are in error.FEAR is the major tool to keeping people from moving forward in their lives.Fear is feeling of a possible of a loss of something real or imagined FEAR is (F.E.A.R.)is really --False Evidence Appearing Real-- to the level that the individual is aware of this understanding will be the rate that individual will truly advance in their personal life

19 Nov 2005 @ 07:30 by judih : interesting, aaron
There was mention of providing ways to offer a door, an opening, a chance to be brave enough to try something else. There was mention of packaging this opportunity in a user-friendly form. Who would be willing to give up a current lifestyle, something comfortable, in exchange for a far simpler, planet friendly lifestyle? It would take a person of impulse, open-vision and flexibility. These qualities exist, I imagine. It's not always fear that holds people back. Sometimes it's merely inertia. People get used to life as it is.

Would a movement help people to overcome their set ways? Perhaps.

Yet, you are right. Change begins in the mind of each individual. Anything other than personal committment can fade away like a passing fashion.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 12:17 by shreepal : Inertia, change...
Our personality is not a harmonious whole. There are diverse elements there each living its life according to its rules. Body has its own habits and there is obstruction to every new step that disturbs its present composure. It is inertia. Mind is there, full of unfounded anxities of the unknown and unchartered zone of changed things. There is inertia and even wilful obstruction to the new. Heart, deep within, knows the truth and propells forward. But who cares for the Heart! Body is the vehicle and Mind is the driver.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 15:27 by vibrani : What it is
After a lot of thought and observation over the years, I see NCN as being primarily male-oriented, cerebral, and lacking heart energy. That goes for most of the active NCN members, whether they be male or female. There is no balance between the logical and intuitive minds, even though some think they're speaking about it. Therefore, people like myself are not fully understood, and it's hard to have a place here that feels comfortable. Balance of the mind and heart, more honesty, spirit with technology, is needed at NCN, for any "newness," or for any new civilization.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 22:02 by aaronb : FEAR

19 Nov 2005 @ 23:46 by vaxen : Beer...
we need more beer. That's how the women did it first of all. Yah, all those nasty old men wanted to do was go out and hunt! They sure didn't want to till the ground, though making babies was sort of fun, they didn't want to take care of the screaming things after birth, though...

So the women, being desirous of control, discovered a most amazing thing. One day miss lollapalloza p gremming was out tending to the daily task of grinding the corn when she discovered, in one of the stone grinding bowls that she used for grinding the corn, some corn that had been left had fermented in the rain water that had filled the bowl to brimming...

Being thristy and not wanting to walk the distance to the river she thought to herself: Well this looks like water, even though it smells a little funny, so let me see if it is pottable. Yum! Ooo that was good and after awhile of drinking the delicious stuff she began to dance...

The rest is history. The men came home a few months later with plenty of deer and squirrel and wild pig. They began to cook the meat and after everyone had eaten their fill the ladies declared that they had a surprise for the men that the men would really like. Lollapalooza brought out the beer.

So were men gradually cultivated to do the cultivating, plow the fields, plant the corn. They hunted less and less and tilled the land more and more then came animal husbandry and...

Oh NCN is OK. But NCN is really limited. There is only one top and though that doesn't represent a true pyramid scheme it doesn't represent communism either. NCN is what it is but it is not representative of anything really ''New'' happening on the face of dear old Hellja. Not that we couldn't turn things around by establishing a wiki and some other things and by getting some land and kibbutzing it or moshaving it or...

Well, NCN is what it is isn't it?

"Erase the binary, and reality becomes an open mound of clay rather than prefabricated givens. Get it?"---0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...


20 Nov 2005 @ 00:33 by swanny : Diversity
A global mass will not work and is not working
according to those who study these things
The talk is that we are headed back from globalism
to good old nationalism because globalism or internationalism
doesn't work....
That is because such is not sustainable
The stigmergy and autopoiesis requires "diversity" in order
to sustain..... Sustainablity and diversity go hand in hand
it is a question of multi utility....
much akin to the nature of the net... if one path doesn't work
it the process finds another.... this is the beauty of
"graceful" systems..... and that is diversity in action
yet diversity should be contained somewhat as well....
there must be a kind of natural diversity along a natural order.
This is why I have proposed the "Glorder" because it divides the
planet along the "natural lines" of sunlight it recieves or the time
zones as it were.... this thus form 24 natural families of humanity
deliniating your family is simply a matter of recognizing which time
zone you were born in.... birth life being then a function of place, time
and yes heart.....

Glorder link =

it needs .....

oh whatever...


20 Nov 2005 @ 06:30 by vibrani : What the heck?
The women being desirous of control so they invented beer? Isn't that YOUR opinion, not fact? How sexist a comment, Vax, or was that just for shock value?  

20 Nov 2005 @ 11:04 by shreepal : Inferiority - male versus female.
Let's not lower down ourselves by expressing opinions that are nowhere near truth. There must be an issue and common ground to talk and proceed further. We have Mind and we must use that and not our passions. All our statements (whether opinions or claimed truths)are mere judgments. Our judgments are formed out of inter-actions of many factors in which we are placed by our circumstances.
My judgment is females are more brainy than man(there was a recent research report that showed that females are more alert to social surroundings than men plus they are equally capable to do mental work that men do). Females are more developed in Heart feelings than men. What a fuss about heart? Heart allow us to make sacrifices to our disadvantage, which Mind would not sanction. It is called Love. Not the love of a girl friend only but also the love of a mother. What is the advantage of a love-thing? Only the opportunity to one to exploit the other and the occassion of that another to be exploited by the earlier? No, it is not so. We are better than animals because we are given to make sacrifices for others. Animals do make sacrifices out of natural instincts and we human make sacrifices in calculative manner. It is very mundane explanation of the thing. There are other serious reasons why females are better than men. We leave it for sometime next. By the way I think that the debate male versus female has no relevance to the subject which is being commented upon here. This debate may perhaps come up later for further exchange of ideas at some another appropriate time. That is all for now from my side on the topic. Thanks.  

20 Nov 2005 @ 11:46 by swanny : Animals and Love
I was wonderin if that is what distinguishes
humans from animals is this capacity to love...
I wondered then do animals have the capacity to love
or can they be taught this capacity and I am not sure
It seems older humans somehow teach or pass on this
capacity to love to their young or try to....
some perhaps never learn it so in that sense are
simply like animals devoid of this love....
yet it distinguishes us but does not seperate us
for that is another component .... to love those
and that which does not have the capacity to love
us back.... to love without scorn or envy that which
can not even fathom love.....
that is why I took some offense at your admission that
it is the pleasure of a man/woman and not the pleasure of
a pig..... for it is the love of a man/woman and the passing
of time of a pig.... we do not scorn the pig because it has
not the capacity to love .... I suppose we "forgive" the pig...  

20 Nov 2005 @ 12:00 by swanny : Superiority of Women?
As to the issue of the superiority of women
I think they perhaps have a potential towards
it as the result of being endowed or "capcitated"
with the ability to bear of offspring...
this seems to make them more something...
able to function better in certain areas
although most people male or female function
far below their potential...
This was determined in studies by Abramham
Maslow that found that only 5% of people
were "actualized".  

20 Nov 2005 @ 12:05 by swanny : Capacitation
Actually in terms of impregnation of the womans
egg by the sperm it is a little known fact that it
is not the first and fastest sperm that impregnates the
egg but the one that is chosen and capacitated most
appropriately by the womens body and chemistry that
is afforded that opportunity.

but I digress

Capacitation Link =

what was the question?  

20 Nov 2005 @ 17:24 by vibrani : How about
the fact that all fetuses are female at first? lol  

20 Nov 2005 @ 17:33 by shreepal : Regarding "pigs".
For me the debate of male versus female is over for the time being But regarding your taking offense to the use of word "pig" I wish to reply now, though belatedly. In the context the word was used then, I wish to point out, we were not dealing with "real pig in blood and flesh" and its supposed inferiority. Simply, a pun was sought to be played to highlight a point. We were then talking of the guards of Old Civilization. I wish to express my sincere feelings that pigs are conducting themselves in a nice manner at their evolutionary stage.  

20 Nov 2005 @ 21:55 by vaxen : Actually...

Vibrani it comes from Professor Phil Katz at the University of Pittsburgh. But, then, would that matter?

"Erase the binary, and reality becomes an open mound of clay rather than prefabricated givens. Get it?"---0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...

Shree, Schmootzie, your whole sub-ject involves, devolves, and revolves around yoni and her opposite, lingham. You are shpieling on and on about...differences. Your 'con troll' is not exactly missing so maybe go just a tad deeper if you want dia-logue...

For me the planet is one already and all the rest is nothing but words, words, words...we are ''composite'' beings. 0 and 1.

For me there are NO borders. I come from the planet Ginsberg in the galaxy Shalom. Did you ever see a Thetan wearing a yarmulka?


20 Nov 2005 @ 22:28 by vibrani : Thanks
now I know of another sexist, this one who is a professor, who can't prove such a theory. (FYI, I did catch the news item this past week on how women invented beer - it was on several news sites.) If you, or anyone else is interested, I will post one of the news items in the asylum chat room.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 03:47 by judih : Bring on the beer links!
I'd love to read the beer articles, N. The All religions site that vaxen has offered is a lively information source.

It's all anthropology.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 04:35 by vaxen : vibrani...
always putting your foot in your mouth. check out proffessor katz works before making such a statement! or better yet don't. keep your narrow minded visciousness's fun to see you squirm.

"Erase the binary, and reality becomes an open mound of clay rather than prefabricated givens. Get it?"

obviously you don't but that's alright. your sexism is very obviously fun for you and provides you with a great source of energy. whatever it takes it takes.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 05:06 by vibrani : Where?
I can't find it on the link you posted - and I wanted to read it. I did a search and it came up with nothing related to this. Can you post a direct link instead of making up incorrect conclusions about me?  

21 Nov 2005 @ 14:07 by Echo @ : Beat
And the beat goes on.... and on... and on......  

21 Nov 2005 @ 15:34 by swanny : A Global Round Table of G24
Well since we have deterioated into whatever
I propose a global round table at the UN made up of
some of the "current" elected officials of high enough standing
of each Nation appearing in each particular zone of the
24 time zones. These officials would then choose a
representative for their particular timezone with interpretors
and convene in a Global Round Table.
The purpose of this Round table to be creating a global vision, mission,
mandate and plan for the world and human governance. This G24 body then would
elect a chairman and excutive council or they would constitute
the excutive council of this G24 and delegate accordingly to elected officials of their particular time zone.

It would appear afterall that despite our wonderful technology that the world is
or has become to difficult or complex to manage and govern by just a hodgepodge
of elect or chosen few and that a global or international system does not seem
to work and a national system does not seem to work and perhaps a "timeocracy" may afford us some semblance or order or semi- order.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 19:42 by vaxen : the order...
is right there in your heart.
go there and roam about.

"Today all nation-states on Earth are in turmoil. They have devolved themselves into loose spasms (diarrhea): United Nations Dis-Organization."--Shree Blunderbus  

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