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26 Apr 2007 @ 16:23, by Anthony Marsh

Another intresting find, pointing out that climate change is a natural process. That humans are not suposed to stay in one place. If you could see over time humans are like the Sandpipers, chasing the waves and running away from the waves.
Yes, it must of been anciant man and his camp fires that started the end of the iceage 10,000 years ago, lol. What Im saying is that in this artical link below, they want to preserve what has already been distroyed, when man has to realize that he must move, and rebuild his civalizations on top of far more anciant ones of the past. We must move with nature but not forget we are humans. 2 schools of thought, live like animals with no fire no tech at all, or evolve the tech so we can one day, live in space.


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27 Apr 2007 @ 09:13 by rayon : Of course
climate change is a natural process, it is the organic effect of things taking place which do not contribute to the normal balance of the seasons and rainfall which permit sufficient growth of food, and provide ambient temperatures for people to go about their cultivation of life. There is no where to move to Bushman, we Moved long ago, we have to stay put now and sort it all out.  

27 Apr 2007 @ 16:16 by bushman : lol,
Ok, if you want to stand in front of a fright train, till you decide to get out of the way, who am I to pull you off the tracks. Im talking literal, as in if the ocean is going to drownd your town, its time to move to higher ground, even if that ground is some sort of cemetary or protected forest, like moving all of Los Angeles up the mountain. Build new towns in the high deserts, even if you will displace a few Tortises. Nowhere to run? Maybe the question is, will we be telling stories around a camp fire, about how advanced we used to be, that will turn into the same stories we have today of advanced races that used to be here. Or will we figure out that we as humans are just as important as any other animal or plant. In nature, things reproduce rapidly, when they know that they may die, a tree makes mega friut in a last ditch effort. Man has reproduced in a mega sort of way, probably because most won't survive the changes. We will return to a time when kings are children. As well, this Bee thing, I just read that Bees have disappered in Tiawan, this should tell you whats going on, again no Bee bodies, they just disapered, so you can play the newage game that they must of evolved into a new frequency and dimention, or you can see the reality that they are getting out of the way of something. Like climate change we see today is nothing new to nature, bioclocks are set to it. The sun has many effects on life and DNA, like the Bamboo die out in China, wasnt isolated to just China, all the Black Bamboo died out worldwide, went to seed. Scientists tryed to germinate that seed and failed, till one of the dead Bamboo forests caught fire in China, the rains came and put the fires out, and that next year the seeds germinated, and became a totaly different kind of Bamboo, I call it lepeored Bamboo because its yellow green with black spots. Although some of the original black Bamboo did survive here and there, they still try to seed out every year. I have it on good athority that the Bees have moved North. Man needs to salvage what he can and move to higher ground.  

27 Apr 2007 @ 20:14 by a-d : I do agree
Bushy; Man is MEANT to be NOMADIC!!! Man WILL be Nomadic again; much sooner than later!!! Until Mankind has accepted this to be his Natural Way of being, there WILL CONTINUE to be struggles of "Empires" and destruction will always follow suite in those Societies.... because this whole 100% "FROZEN SOLID-stationary"is NOT in harmony with Universe at all! I observe the coming Wanderings of Humanity pretty much every night...WILD!  

28 Apr 2007 @ 00:26 by bushman : Hmm,
Well, I personaly dont think its that devine for man to be wandering around looking for food. Assuming God made us for a devine reason, it would most likly in my oppinion, that we are to evolve into a semigod like devine being, we suposedly ate from the tree of knowledge, not the tree of life, there is no going back to being animals. All the tech will be rediscovered just like it has been this time around. I lol, at mans ways, because it was the eliet of the past who had light bulbs and flying machines, now we all got them in this epoch, but now the eleits have UFOs and god knows what, when we recivalize after what must come to pass, we will all have UFOs, then it will self destruct again, and we will be born as gods. What we must learn is when to weld our power and when not to do anything at all. For gods so called plan to work, we must learn all there is to know about everything that was created from nothing. Once you know, then you soon learn to walk the earth and leave no foot print, this what I beleive Gods plan was for mankind. It dosnt mean that tech wont be part of that. Because we will always have to be born into flesh. See I think God knew there would be no point to his/her creation if he/she didnt let man eat from the tree of knowledge, if we had chosen to eat from the tree of life, we would never go beyond being just another animal. Saten was right in that account, we would never of known any truth but our own instinct to survive and reproduce, and die. Man is a special beast he/she is devine, more powerful than an Angel but weaker than the creator, but with all the creators knowledge. This was the choice we made, there is no going back. Just moments of the future that looks like the past. Timeline, tower of bable, creator destroys tower, to keep the end from comming too soon. Serious loss of knowledge, but obviously it wasnt lost forever. Its symbolic, that it took the destruction of 2 towers this time to open peoples eyes, Saten again? Sure we will tribe up, but we will never forget how to make refigeration, we will never forget, lots of stuff technical, we will always have copper wire, and way to make eletricity, next time around we start ahead of the game, and will become a clean green civilization.  

28 Apr 2007 @ 18:21 by vaxen : Plenty...
of places to move. And this is a repeat story, so what we're gonna do for y'all is end it all and start a new game. Thus, as far as so called space is concerned? We've been space farers for a very, very, very, long, long time... WuHu!

This planet really doesn't exist except in your mind (Terminally Emancipated Source). We, those of us who built the damned simm, are here trying to tell you that it's gonna end and no amount of so called knowledge is going to prevent it.

Hey, you paid good money to be here so... I can understand why you might never want to leave. But... time's up folks. Gotta pull the plug.

It was nice to entertain you, for awhile, but you've no more credits left... that's the nature of a carnival ride, you know.

Thanks bushie...

TES Moderator
Alpha Bravo 7
Simulacrum 9  

2 May 2007 @ 09:41 by rayon : Leaving no footprint
yes, Bushman, even without any paragraphs in your soliliquy, you have got it right here. But this entails staying in one place harmoniously, otherwise how will anyone know there is no footprint, without staying around to see? So it is Beauty and Harmony after all, the ideal existence! I believe the other life forms exist now, but outside of our sphere of existence. This sphere of existence will never die, it may wax and wane, with volcanoes, hurricanes etc, but the sphere of the earth will continue, and there in lies hope.

Bamboo story is good, like it. It is not necessary to have universally as much as we have. Children do not need mobiles and how many others do too? Moths are dying out too - there is too much other movement going on in the atmosphere and airways between our trees, the bio force has been depleted or eroded by radiation waves of electronic gadgets mostly all to do with the whim of buying this or that, nothing to do with the sustaining of life.

There is a whole undiscovered world of beauty and power in human relationships of families and of health inherent in these social forms far more important and real and enlarging to the mind than buying the next hamburger or TV model. The holy family means the family is whole-y for everyone bestowing special situations on all its members - none of this is utilised in the west for the well being of the family unit. The family unit is used as a mere functional tool of the state when it ignores an umbrella of a holy sanctioned system association. For instance. Sorry to stretch the discussion a bit.  

2 May 2007 @ 17:41 by skookum : oh ho
yeah.. bushy don't need no stinking grammer lol

thanks for the post bushy lol  

2 May 2007 @ 18:41 by bushman : Still,
Like coffee in a cup, it goes stagnent if you dont stir it. So shall we just spin in one place or shall we be drunk up and absorbed into the body of Christ? :}  

3 May 2007 @ 06:38 by skookum : don't tell me
those are the only choices I get  

3 May 2007 @ 11:46 by rayon : Bushman, when
the Roman civilisation began to fall the people who picked up the pieces were the patrician families stretched right across the empire, particularly the outposts. It was they who set large homesteads producing food, having become isolated from the Cohorts who no longer marched around bringing them luxuries from abroad, had to knuckledown and make life for themselves. There was no point going back to Rome to be sacked by a Vandal and sold as a slave. Being the ones with the learning, reading and writing, they intermingled with the locals and slowly all around the whole collapsed empire the local peoples were raised by the intermingling on this basis. That is until the next invading onslaught in the form of the vikings or a few Saxons and some Picts in Scotland, came to burn and pillage.

I thought you would like to know of this just in case you were not aware of this vital piece of Euro histoire. It is a time of power back to the people.  

3 May 2007 @ 17:48 by bushman : Hmm,
50-50 surviving decent peace lovving peoples and barbarians, the ultamate out come was just a semi equel drop in worldwide populations, being that there is only slight climate info left to sift thru, but each time Rome fell, it was more likely climate change that made people kill or be killed. That TV show "Jerico" basicly about the aftermath of a nuclear attack, at this point in the plot, they got nighboring groups trying to take over thier farming community and thier salt mine by force. Basicly peace lovers against barbarians, who just happen to have a wepons factory in thier town that survived. So the winner in all real probability, will be the town with the most weponry and tech to fix and build stuff, the ones with the most saved knowledge. Although, it is a tough call as to the TV show, since one of the guys that lives in Jerico was suposed to deliver a Nuke to another big city, as he was undercover, so Jerico has one nuke to thier wepons factory. Question is , will the peace loving peoples use thier nuke on the barbarians. What about the Mound Indians? They stayed in one place, and just lived on thier mound of his own generations, he didnt move, and died out. He didnt follow the food, he didnt get out of the way.  

3 May 2007 @ 18:28 by skookum : i know the Celts
invaded clear to Italy etc

good thing to learn yer history  

28 Aug 2007 @ 22:33 by dan1 : Scenario
In hollow mountains Human science and technology continued to evolve. It was never used for war, but only for peace. It was used by the Sea Peoples and the Desert Peoples, by the Forest peoples and the Peoples of the Steppes and Plains.

The world became better with this technology. Man had wisely learned to harmonize with his planet.

The Deserts shrank some...being watered. The Seas became clean and clear and full of life again. The Forests became more than ever before. From the Plains and Steppes rose the songs of happiness and freedom...the grasses sparkled in the rain.

Man stayed and Man moved. Within all was kindness and balance.

Then came the "Second Son" into Our skies. Tear filled eyes lifted and the skies were filled with Rainbows from the joyful emanations of ecstatic hearts and minds. The blessings began to wash over all.

Mother Earth wept in fulfillment and pride for Her Children.  

29 Aug 2007 @ 00:39 by bushman : Ya
a nice senario, but was aslo in a past moment, like places that the native americans emerged from under the mountains, when it became safe on the surface. I know of the entrances to a couple of these huge underground cities, with monolithic carvings that easily are older than 20,000 years, matching in wear to the base of the spinx in egypt. At one time there was advanced races covering this planet. Again we will have to hide from the sun. As the bible puts it, that there will be a time that people will hide in the rocks and wish for those rocks to fall on them to hide from the face of god, but death will flee from them, and they will face the hardships, of gods wrath. All part of the wheel, all a cycle.  

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