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picture21 Feb 2006 @ 18:55, by Roni Gemma

As promised New articles are appearing at A&AC.

The first series started as a simple article & rapidy became very long. To keep it from becoming one of those annoyingly long webpages I cut it to 3 sections. All on Stonehenge, you will of course find the most commonly accepted theroies, as well as many you might not know exist. I do expect some flaming once again over ideas, but hey... Like the stones themself, somethings never change! :)

Being much to long to add here, I will tease you with some info and provide the links as always.

Building with Stones
...Well, it seems that most of what we look at today is what is considered to be the third phase in a long history of construction. So why is it conceived that the ancient builders went thru phases 1 & 2 just to tear apart what they had accomplished? Job security perhaps? I doubt it. The bluestones alone are believed to have traveled over 240 miles before arriving on location to be expertly placed without the aid of today’s tools and machinery. The lintels were a feat comparable to the arrival of the stones to the site. Stonehenge lintels that form a complete circle. Shaping the lintels so that they remained flat but still formed a gentle circle needed architectural techniques that were very advanced for the time period. In addition to this, these top stones were attached to the pillars in a technique still being used by carpenters today: mortise-and-tenon joints. The top of the upright stones are shaped with a protruding section called a tenon. The tenon fits perfectly into a carved out mortise in the lintel to form a stable joint.
I believe the ancient builders had plenty to do to keep them busy for a long while. Mind you, I am not mocking these scientists; in fact I support Discovery strongly with the research they conduct, as well as others working hard in the field to find answers. I do, as always, though question when some of the ‘answers just don’t make sense. So, if in fact, timber structures were built first, why were they removed, what were they for and what did they look like?...

Stones with a Purpose?
...Meteors, comets, air-raid shelters… at 4000BC… well it’s something that would never have occurred to me, but then again, I can’t move 500lbs much less 4 tons and more. How about a calendar designed to predict an eclipse? That is the belief of Gerald Hawkins, let’s visit his thoughts for a minute....
...I am not sure eclipses are something I would focus on in that age. It would diffidently make for some good conversations I’m sure though and seems plausible. The question I really must consider with it, is again, moving the stones more? It seems to me that these same scientists are the ones that believe it takes 600 people to move a stone and yet they talk of moving them around as if they were small mud balls. Let’s look at some more theories that believe in moving the stones, as you would tear a page off a calendar....

Workers of Stone
...So, who were these ancient builders that left no oral or written history? Who was capable of moving gigantic stones miles to use land so wisely? Who conceived the making of a meeting place, temple, cemetery, almanac, observatory, calendar, map, computer and time machine all in one? The “King of Stonehenge” is one of the most recent finds and is being considered as at least one of the minds behind the construction of Stonehenge.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, in the spring of 2002, archaeologists were nearly finished excavating the site of a planned housing development in Amesbury, a town in southwestern England when they came across a remarkable discovery. ...

Learn a little about these ancient stones or tell me what you think. The fun is in the learning, the ideas & the debates.

Sea :)

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21 Feb 2006 @ 19:17 by swanny : A "Stone" Clock?
A stone clock of sorts is my guess.
Temporal Architecture.
The basis for later smaller clocks which
I think first appeared in China between 500 to 1500 AD.
although I think they may have been "water" driven.
The calendar actually goes back to the egyptians
who noticed the coincidence of Nile flooding with the arrival
of the star Sirus in the heavens. I think that was around
2000 or 3000 B.C. or so. Thats is an interesting leap I suppose
though an a very keen and astute observaton.
They maybe thought Sirus was causing the floods perhaps
but they probably knew better.

Anyway a stone clock I say or a "global sundial".


2 May 2007 @ 18:03 by chitres @ : 8000bc stone phallic sundial
i am in possession on and have info on stone face
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19 Feb 2008 @ 16:45 by Sirius @ : Stonhenge Aliens Spacecaft Usage
I beleive the ancient europeans giants built it and used it to make contact with aliens who passed in the skys in motherships also it was a calender used by the giants to tell the dates and time it was when ever the sun would shade the rocks.  

30 Mar 2008 @ 19:00 by Ian Tutt @ : Stonehenge
I need more on what they used to get the stones in that position  

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