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picture8 May 2006 @ 17:27, by Roni Gemma

Ancient News Monthly

     We are pleased to announce Ancient News Monthly! The A&AC monthly Archaeological Newsletter! You, our readers, have requested and we have answered!

     Our first newsletter will be available in June, 2006, on-line here or delivered to your email. Subscriptions are available now for email delivery. Signing up is free and only takes a few minutes.


  • Highlights of the major Archaeological News
    for the month.

  • A featured archaeological web site for your enjoyment!

  • Editorials from Sea and readers.

  • Information about current, on-going research and projects.

  • The latest web news here at A&AC.

  • Each month the older editions will be available here if you missed one or just want to look something up.

  • And anything more we can think of, send your ideas and suggestions!


     We encourage any news, original editorials, pictures, ideas and suggestions!

   Have a favorite web site about archaeology, Atlantis or ancient cultures? Own a web site of your own and feel it's special? Submit it for review and it just might be featured here on Ancient News Monthly!

     *Featured web sites MUST be child safe and viewable by all ages! No violence, pornography, illegal or illicit materials!

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