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 House of Perpetual Pain11 comments
9 Jun 2010 @ 18:38, by vaxen. History, Ancient World

Here’s where it gets interesting. Lord Alfred Milner, who was tasked with carrying out Rhodes’ Last Will and Testament, was also an integral part of the “League of Nations Commission on Mandates” along with Woodrow Wilson’s advisor (and also 2nd generation Rothschild agent) Edward Mandell House.



“Colonel” Edward Mandell House, in addition to helping make 4 different men become Governor’s of Texas, also helped steer Woodrow Wilson’s election to become President of the United States.
House “advised” President Wilson’s acceptance and signing of the notorious Federal Reserve Act, and was also active during the Versailles Treaty of Paris in 1919 when Germany’s Zionist Banker representatives sold Germany down the river in exchange for Lord Balfour’s “Declaration” of the future creation of a state called Israel.


(Please see the brilliant film, “Paris 1919” – Trailer bel)

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 1418 World Map8 comments
5 Dec 2007 @ 06:46, by bushman. History, Ancient World
And its a copy of an even older world map. I think maybe we should examin our past a little more closly and disspell the lies of writen modern history.
Main site: [link]
Oh youll fall off the ends of the Earth, lol. I can't believe people fell for that flat Earth BS way back when, but then look what some people still believe today. lol.

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 The Ark and The Grail - An evening of fascination and discernment6 comments
2 Oct 2007 @ 20:26, by craiglang. History, Ancient World
I posted this on my personal blog, but I thought I'd add it here, too.
It's a note on the lecture I went to last night, by the author and historical researcher, Frank Joseph.

I'm not an expert, by any means, on these topics. Yet I found them both fascinating and a bit reachy. What do you think?  More >

 Some Intriguing Mathematical Properties of the Mayan Calendar
4 Aug 2007 @ 18:21, by anandavala. History, Ancient World

Some Intriguing Mathematical Properties of the Mayan Calendar

This is a brief mathematical analysis of the cycles of the "Tun" or the transcendent Mayan 'calendar'. The analysis reveals some very interesting numerical properties, which show that it is certainly not a random concoction but in fact describes a complex and finely tuned process.

The general process relies on a system of cycles where each cycle is 20 times shorter than the previous cycle. Hence it tends asymptotically toward some point in time (year 2012). The cycle periods become shorter and shorter so that as the cycle number tends to infinity the cycle period tends to zero, i.e. the cycles become infinitely fast.

The so called 'calendar' is not a description of linear time like contemporary calendars, it is a model of cycles of creative activity. Hence it describes an evolutionary model where each creative cycle unfolds and produces the basis for the next cycle of creation. In such a process each cycle becomes faster than the previous one, as is seen throughout biological and human history. Initially there were long stretches of time between innovations but as the reservoir of innovations builds up the process of innovation accelerates. This process has been accelerating very noticeably especially in the last few decades.  More >

 What is our history?
2 Aug 2007 @ 18:42, by janos. History, Ancient World
Article about human history and our history. For a Portuguese version of this, check [link]  More >

 Lost Worlds15 comments
26 Apr 2007 @ 16:23, by bushman. History, Ancient World
Another intresting find, pointing out that climate change is a natural process. That humans are not suposed to stay in one place. If you could see over time humans are like the Sandpipers, chasing the waves and running away from the waves.
Yes, it must of been anciant man and his camp fires that started the end of the iceage 10,000 years ago, lol. What Im saying is that in this artical link below, they want to preserve what has already been distroyed, when man has to realize that he must move, and rebuild his civalizations on top of far more anciant ones of the past. We must move with nature but not forget we are humans. 2 schools of thought, live like animals with no fire no tech at all, or evolve the tech so we can one day, live in space.

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 Ancient News Monthly3 comments
picture8 May 2006 @ 17:27, by sea. History, Ancient World

Ancient News Monthly

     We are pleased to announce Ancient News Monthly! The A&AC monthly Archaeological Newsletter! You, our readers, have requested and we have answered!

     Our first newsletter will be available in June, 2006, on-line here or delivered to your email. Subscriptions are available now for email delivery. Signing up is free and only takes a few minutes.


  • Highlights of the major Archaeological News
    for the month.

  • A featured archaeological web site for your enjoyment!

  • Editorials from Sea and readers.

  • Information about current, on-going research and projects.

  • The latest web news here at A&AC.

  • Each month the older editions will be available here if you missed one or just want to look something up.

  • And anything more we can think of, send your ideas and suggestions!


     We encourage any news, original editorials, pictures, ideas and suggestions!

   Have a favorite web site about archaeology, Atlantis or ancient cultures? Own a web site of your own and feel it's special? Submit it for review and it just might be featured here on Ancient News Monthly!

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 Ancient Geoglyphs36 comments
picture21 Apr 2006 @ 20:29, by sea. History, Ancient World

Ancient Geoglyphs

Geoglyphs are classified as rock art, which also includes pictographs and petroglyphs. Pictographs are rock paintings while petroglyphs are rock engravings. Cave paintings, drawings, petroglyphs, geoglyphs, hieroglyphs and more have been used all over the world for centuries.
Created by the ancients and left for us to explore and ponder, these symbols held great meaning for those civilizations who created them. Some, like the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, we know to be the cultures written language. Others, like cave drawings, express the daily lives or held religious significance for their designers. There are many however that offers more questions and possible answers then one mind can conceive. Among these are the great Geoglyphs found in locations around the globe.

In South America, the lines at Nazca are of the most famous geoglyphs, but they are hardly the only ones. South of Nazca, about 850 miles, is perhaps the world's largest human figure, etched into the side of Solitary Mountain. The Giant of Atacama at Cerro Unitas, in Chile, about 600 miles south of Nazca, is an incredible 393 feet high and is surrounded by lines similar to those at Nazca. Just 130 miles from Nazca, dug into a sloping hill at Pisco Bay on the Peruvian coast. This drawing looks very much like a candlestick - which gives it the name of "The Candelabra of the Andes". There has been much speculation about the purpose of the 595-foot high candelabra, but no definitive answer. It is constructed in a different manner to the Nazca lines, using trenches up to one meter in depth, and is best viewed from out at sea. It can be seen from as far away as 12 miles. Pottery found near the figure has been carbon dated to 200 BC. Interestingly enough, the Incan city of Cuzco was created in the shape of a puma. Its inhabitants were known as "members of the body of the puma".  More >

 A&AC Ancient Picture Gallery4 comments
picture1 Mar 2006 @ 01:57, by sea. History, Ancient World
I want to welcome all to the GRAND OPENING of the NEW A&AC-Ancient Picture Gallery!

Still lots more coming, but at over 600 photos & growing by the hour, I felt it was time to give everyone a 'sneak peak'.

Hope you enjoy!! Please let me know what you think.
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 Stonehenge6 comments
picture21 Feb 2006 @ 18:55, by sea. History, Ancient World
As promised New articles are appearing at A&AC.

The first series started as a simple article & rapidy became very long. To keep it from becoming one of those annoyingly long webpages I cut it to 3 sections. All on Stonehenge, you will of course find the most commonly accepted theroies, as well as many you might not know exist. I do expect some flaming once again over ideas, but hey... Like the stones themself, somethings never change! :)  More >

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