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 The Deciphermnet of Meroitic
picture20 Oct 2001 @ 13:33, by sindy

I have deciphered Meroitic based on the most logical path to the decipherment of any dead language. Maurice Pope (1975) , made it clear that before a dead language can be deciphered you most have the right theoretical structure to base your inquiry upon (p.191). There were three preliminary conditions that must be met before any decipherment: 1) confidence that a script can be deciphered; 2) location of proper names must be determined; the grammatical rules of the target language must be known
The Deciphermnet of Meroitic


Clyde Winters


" Isis and Osiris the eternal. Tabiye to live forever. Down the good path the patron's grand gift prays (for a new) life (and) a great rebirth. The noble (has) passed away. The great teacher prays (that) the patron's Kha will indeed be reborn. Give restorat(ion) of the Ba (and the) grand innerheart down the path (of righteousness for) the patron".

Karanog altar #46

Woshi Shore yi-ne. Yidetbelile qo wi-ne

Isis (and) Osiris the eternal. Yidetabelile renew Object of Respect.

b e lo lo kene . amni to

Ba give offering dispatch revitalization . Amani ignites

wi ne kha mlo ene h_ol kete

honor good Kka innerheart almsgiving soul to rise (again)


Isis and Osiris the eternal. Renew Yidetabelile (the) Object of Respect. Give the Ba offering dispatch to revitalization. Amani ignites honor and Good, (for) the Kha and the innerheart almsgiving. The soul to rise (again).


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