New Civilization News: The city of Ashkelon    
 The city of Ashkelon
picture20 Oct 2001 @ 04:19, by sindy

From Canaanites to Crusaders, the city of Ashkelon was a strategic Mediterranean port for nearly 5,000 years.

Get a taste of what awaits you in print from this compelling excerpt.

Discovery seems continuous at this site. A student volunteer excitedly greets Stager with an Egyptian amulet of the baboon god. An older volunteer brings him a pottery sherd with a branching symbol painted on it. With one glance he identifies the symbol: “It’s a Late Bronze Age tree of life.”

When we reach the bottom of the grid, we enter the City of the Dead—a cluster of Canaanite burial chambers. So far the team has found 16 chambers, and Stager believes that there may be dozens more. Each was connected to the surface by a shaft.




In all of your Light, in all of your beauty, in all of your bounty you have not yet bloomed to the fullness of your being, to the fullness of your future, and to the fullness of your destiny. You have not yet opened your heart fully, opened your wings fully, opened your eyes fully, or opened your mind fully. You stumble in the dark in your humanness. You stumble in your emotions. You stumble in your past. And you stumble in your heart. It is a time of announcing to yourself that the doorways that have been previously closed to you in this entirety of year – will now be opened. See all locked gates thrown opened. See all cemented pathways thrown opened. See everything that has been walled in walled up, and walled within your heart now opened. See the dam now dissolving for it is no longer needed to restrain what was, what could have been, what should have been. The flowing of all life is announced

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