New Civilization News: Ancestors involved in Ritual Murder!    
 Ancestors involved in Ritual Murder!
26 Nov 2001 @ 19:00, by Eyes to the Skies UK

Tonight on T.V. was a program about Wizards it was actually called..." Real Wizards ; the search for Harry's ( meaning Harry Potter's) Ancestors" This program covered all historical references to wizardry including pre-celtic origins (26,000B.C.) and Drudic Activities. But the most amazing facts concerned the so called Bog People for example the Tolland Man. Apprently these people weren't workers or labourers but rather of the upper class. Furthermore lab analysis has proved that they had a mixture in their stomachs ( their last supper, given before their Ritual Slaughter) that contained over 20 different cereals, and that mixture included Ergot the bacteria which LSD was synthezised from.The Ergot insured that the victim was oblivious to the garroting or stabbing that would ritually end his life. See a picture of the Tollund man at this site...


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