New Civilization News: Schoolboy deciphers ancient text    
 Schoolboy deciphers ancient text
17 Oct 2001 @ 11:38, by sindy

schoolboy has beaten museum experts by deciphering ancient Egyptian writing.

A schoolboy has beaten museum experts by deciphering ancient Egyptian writing.

The figures on the case of a 2,600-year-old mummy had confounded historians at Sheffield Museum for 100 years.

But 17-year-old Adam Cadwell worked out the name said Djedma 'atiuesankh while on work experience at the museum.

The girl headed a wealthy household in Thebes in the 26th Dynasty.

X-rays and scanning equipment had already shown the body was of a 14-year-old, but little else was known until amateur Egyptologist Adam began work.

He spent months deciphering the hieroglyphics covering the case, reports the Daily Express.

A-level student Adam, who named his pet dog after an Egyptian king, said: "It was a long job because the coffin is covered from head to foot with inscriptions, but I managed to translate most of the text."

Gill Woolrich, the museum's curator of archeology, said: "Nobody here could ever read the hieroglyphics - then Adam turned up. He had taught himself to read the inscriptions so we let him take over. He's really enthusiastic and has done a wonderful job.

"We hope lots of visitors will come to see the mummy now that her past has been revealed."

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