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picture2 Nov 2001 @ 01:07, by Flemming Funch

I just realized how the mindset of the current islamic terrorists can be better understood by studying the Order of the Assassins, as there are many parallels, and Osama and his people seem to operate in many ways as the Assassins did. A thousand years ago they were the muslim counterpart to the christian crusaders, most particularly they were the counterpart to the Knights Templar. They operated through terror, prided themselves in the ability to strike anywhere at any time, and often would assassinate leaders of their opposition. Their warriors were drugged and shown how they would return to a life if heaven, with beautiful virgins and infinite glory, if they carried out their missions. Thus they had absolutely no fear of dying.

The Assassins were founded by Hassan-i-Sabbah. This was written by Marco Polo after his visit to Hassan-i-Sabbah's mountain fortress "Alamut", near present day Tehran:

"The Old Man kept at his court such boys of twelve years old as seemed to him destined to become courageous men. When the Old Man sent them into the garden in groups of four, ten or twenty, he gave them hashish to drink. They slept for three days, then they were carried sleeping into the garden where he had them awakened.

When these young men woke, and found themselves in the garden with all these marvelous things, they truly believed themselves to be in paradise. And these damsels were always with them in songs and great entertainments; they received everything they asked for, so that they would never have left that garden of their own will.

And when the Old Man wished to kill someone, he would take him and say: ‘Go and do this thing. I do this because I want to make you return to paradise’. And the assassins go and perform the deed willingly."

Here are some links:

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Curse of the Assassins: [link]

The Assassins of Alamut:

Secret Doctrines of the Assassins: [link]

"The Templars and the Assassins - the militia of heaven" [link]

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4 Nov 2001 @ 13:46 by gyrfalcon : On the wings of a song...
So to para-phrase Shirley Bassey..."It's all just a lot of History Repeating!" except now the weapons arn't swords and armour but Hi- and low tech guns/rockets and aircraft etc? ;)  

4 Nov 2001 @ 15:10 by marlon : a thousand
muslims must go  

11 Dec 2001 @ 06:39 by gyrfalcon : The Knights of Sodomy!!!
I posted this on the Club Chat Room, so I thought may as well post here also..."On the subject of Perversion Flemming, I am reading a A-Z of mystical, occult and spiritual beliefs written by Dennis Wheatley called the "Devil and all his works!" He writes "When initiated , a Knight Templar had to spit opon, then trample underfoot the cross, crying three times as he did so,"Je te renonce jesu." He was then stripped naked and led in to the idol, his companions crying "Yalla! Yalla!" There followed a male orgy, for the Templars, like other military castes such as the Spartans, were sodomites!" Also Buggery has been used to humiliate the conquered since time immemorial... lol.....  

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