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 The Temple of Solomon and the Lost Tribe of Asher.16 comments
13 Dec 2001 @ 18:04, by Anthony Marsh

Bio weapons aside, I was thinking about what I read in this artical,
about this lost tribe, and the temple of Solomon. What did the temple of Soloman represent? It ment to me a house of wisdom. Then it struck me, what if the internet was the temple of Solomon? What if people in chat rooms buliten boards, ICQ, etc... were somehow part of this lost tribe, even the native Americans came to mind. I thought about what Asher was but, ill need to read up on that, lol, but how can you tell if someone is from the Asher tribe? I mean do they have some obviouse trait? Does it mater if this tribe does or dosen't litraly go to Isriel, if they are connected on the net?

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17 Dec 2001 @ 01:16 by mikenight : RE:
Hi Bushman,
I believe an organization I am affiliated with is pondering that same notion of interactive temple, it's called the Hope Org and I believe you can find them at:
However when I gathered and sent out a list of Temple Building Orgs a few years back and harped on all the Temple Building organizations and Rabbinic members of the Knesset to help me get them to join together as one entity-
the unified group that formed for building the Temple called
"The United Association of Movements For the Holy Temple"
did not include this Hope Organization.  

17 Dec 2001 @ 06:47 by bushman : The 12?
I can see that we can't have peace on earth unless the 12 tribes come together as one, but and theres always a but, can peace be achived without loseing freedom, liberty, freedom of thought?
I searched around, looked in some books, still haven't found what Asher represents. Or what special trait the tribe of Asher has that makes them one of the 12 tribes, for that matter I don't see anything they can use to tell any of them appart, eccept maybe a DNA test, they would still have to have the DNA from the original 12. Is it possable that they accualy have these samples?
Is a bigger can of worms than I thought. :}  

17 Dec 2001 @ 11:58 by istvan : Link
The link did not work for me. Check please.  

17 Dec 2001 @ 15:37 by bushman : Links ?
They seem to be fine at this end. :}  

17 Dec 2001 @ 18:18 by kay : The links works for me
Cool posts. Thanks  

26 Jan 2002 @ 01:24 by skookum : tribes
I think Bushy that Asher was one of Isreal's sons... he had twelve.. and the tribes are supposed to be descendents of them. I am of the tribe of Ephraim.. for example.. though a kind of inspiration/channel thing is how I found out. Not aware of a genetic profile for them.. but suffice it to say that because they spread out.. most people have SOME of the tribes in them...


31 Mar 2003 @ 14:07 by Nuvoadam @ : Lost Tribe of Asher
The tribe of Asher was taken into Assyrian captivity and sent to live in northern Iraq-- where the proto-Israelites came from in their beginnings. From here the 10 "lost" Tribes eventually left at the behest of a prophet who told them they were not to return to Israel but to find new homes in the world. Asher being one of these tribes migrated north to become the royal Scythians-- horse riding arch-rulers of the steppes. They became the Cimmerians, the Tartars, and the Medes. They also became the Vandals who migrated to Germany and joined the remnants of the lost Tribe of Benjamin. From Germany they sacked and pillaged their way to north Africa. Here they joined the Phoenician cities with little bloodshed. Recall that the Asher tribes original sin was to NOT exterminate the Phoenicians of Tyre, Sidon etc. They were called weak, but the truth was that they could not kill their close relations-- the Phoenicans who co-ruled from Tyre and from Egyptian Thebes. C'mon now-- David and Solomon were good buddies with Hiram king of Tyre, so the Asher tribe was not so far off the mark. Call them mercifal, not weak.

So where did the Vandals go? They invaded Britain along with the Saxons of course. Some say that the Saxons are remnants of the *lost Tribe of Issachar.
The Vandals (Asherites) who didn't invade and assimilate into Britain stayed on in Scandinavia, where, as legends state, the stunning beauty of the Asherite women (Asherites = natural blonds) can still be attested to.


31 Mar 2003 @ 14:24 by bushman : Hmm , thanks :}
So how should we bring them together? If we should at all. My kid is a natural blond. My mom is half Norwegen. So what your saying is there is a genetic connection, besides skooks comment? My dad is Armenian. His dad is from Tarsus Turkey, and his mom was from Hajinci Armenia. Would that make them Marsh Arabs? Funny my last name is Marsh, lol.  

6 May 2004 @ 19:49 by John Arumba @ : The Lost Tribe of Benjamin
I am writing from Papua New Guinea, an island nation in the South Pacific. There is a certain ethnic group of people in the highlands of Papua New Guinea whose native language sounds very similar to the Hebrew language spoken by the Jews. Take for instance, the Shalom (Hebrew) means peace or greetings. The native language is "shalo" and means the same. There are many more. Worth checking out fellas.  

6 May 2004 @ 21:40 by bushman : Yep, :}
Same with the USA native americans, lots of thier words are from India and even some of the rituals use the same deieties as in the hindu religion. I think the mix up happened at the time of the destruction of the tower of Babel, at that time everyone spoke the same language before they got scattered. I traced my dads side of the family to the base of mt ararat, at that time they suposedly worshiped fire, but don't know how true that is or the exact time Armenians worshiped fire.  

13 Jun 2007 @ 04:58 by rewolf @ : Asher info really cleared up this 'Tribes of Asher" stuff. I was looking for the viking rock band by that name since my motherinlaw is an Ashworth.  

20 Oct 2007 @ 15:09 by Antoienette @ : Tribe asher
Anna was tribe asher her father was phanuel she was high preistess. And she was from tribe she was creatix the grandaughter of creators and she was mother goddess of all kings she was inanna, she was queen heaven and queen underworld annwn  

20 Oct 2007 @ 15:34 by Antoienette @ : Lost tribe asher
Anna was from tribe of benjamin she was the was tribe asher one person the goddesses was the creator mother of jesus and virgin and she was jesus high preistess there was no one above anna she died when was 87 she prayed day night in temple. look in bible under luke he speak of anna and there bible it called anna bible look up in search you`ll find it anna was temple of solomon a pillar she was solomon wife  

30 Jan 2009 @ 13:12 by charles @ : tribe benjamin - papua
shalom. i am searching for info, photos, location of the papua tribe who are descendants of the benjamin tribe. info concerning other descendants/tribes please forward. thanks and shalom in christ. (  

16 Sep 2009 @ 06:43 by Roy Davido @ : Lost tribes of Benjamin in Scandinavia
There is a significant element in Scandinavian history, with regard to iron: In countries like Norway, nobody have a clue about who took out iron from the highlands and mountains more than 2000 years ago - so comprehensive that it became a sentral import elements for the Romans. In Mid Norway, in town as Levanger, there is a fort built some 2300 years ago, probably related to this spectacular iron business. This had to be organized by a group of people that could cooporate pritty good, and had some very good talent of logistics as well. A friend told me that its a focus on this iron mystery in Levanger, Norway, this year (2009).

So, do anybody have some ideas of lost tribes and iron culture, feel free to ad up, fellas.


28 Jul 2016 @ 07:24 by charltonroly2365 @ : Youre so cool!
Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!  

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