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picture8 Mar 2002 @ 08:25, by Roni Gemma

The theory goes that all ‘modern’ human ancestors migrated out of Africa at about 50,000 years ago. That they, being the fittest for survival, over ran and exterminated other homo-sapient species. Is this the case? Are we all from the same genetic pool, the same ancestors, and the same region?

There is compelling evidence showing Africa as a major starting point for modern behavior. This can not be disputed. The climate in the deserts of Africa have been very kind to those who once lived grew and then were buried there. The amount of evidence from is the region is astounding, all persevered by the dry climate. It is a giant playground for paleontologists and archeologists alike.

The problem is that it is the amount of evidence that has been found that lead these same people to the conclusion that we all started there. The general consensus is that we have found so many artifacts there in relationship to the rest of the world, this must have been the first and most populated place. Starting with they frame of mind, scientist then set out to prove their theory was fact. Without abundance of evidence showing from another individual location, there is no real augment against it. Is there?

I won’t state we are not ‘out of Africa’, but I do wish to present you with questions to ponder once again. Questions, that like all others I pose, are meant to show another side, another possibility, and reason why the scientist general foundation of thought could be warped from the beginning.

First, let’s look at the basis for the argument. The simple fact of the age and quantity of artifacts that have been found in Africa. While the case can be made that we are finding them all there so that is where it began. The case can be made that we are finding the artifacts there because of the natural environment. Africa contains the largest desert in the world. Desert conditions are perfect for preservation. Bacteria which normally work against by causing tissue to degrade need moisture to survive. Water also tends to erode fossils and tools beyond recognition. Of course we find more in artifacts in Africa then any other single place in the world, water is not present in high enough quantities to pose a problem. Now I realize that normal, everyday deduction can be a foreign thing to the scientific community, but it normally tends to prove itself true in the long run.

For those who need real, tangible items with tests ran upon them, there are some interesting finds as of late that lay questions before the theory. Yes, I am the type who looks at logic, cultures and science, I feel they all can work together.

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29 May 2008 @ 17:24 by kids @ : africa
i am a christian lad who is white and from america. to understand where the begings of life began we can look into the talks of adon and ev in the GARDEN of eden. a place of paradice. where they were it had to have been warm due to the fact that they were naked. the bible didnt specify weather they were white or black. people took it upon themselves to choose that. i personally believe that life stated in africa. it is close to the equator and very warm there so it can be a fretile place for all kinds of spieces to thrive. gardens... huge growth due to the energy of the sun. when ev took the apple and went against god they were banished form the garden and have to leave migating to the north to the middle east in search of more for and another paradise or maybe through undisclose events god led them there.nuthing is for certain becuz so much has been lost in the past and/or unsaid.  

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