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 The Unwitting Hero !
picture 11 Jan 2004 @ 13:51, by Scotty

Joseph Campbell, in his epochal book 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces,[link] emphasizes that the essential trait of a hero in the making is his restlessness. Not at ease with his immediate environment and circumstances, a constant unease gnaws at his heart, prompting him to question the very nature of his existence.

Well ! That's me alright ! And these feelings are getting stronger and stronger too !

This inner strife is the first inkling that a greater destiny lies ahead of the potential hero.

WOW ! A Great destiny awaits me - who'd have believed it !

Campbell divides the evolution of the hero into five distinct phases:

1). The Call to Adventure
2). Crossing of the Threshold (Entering the Unknown)
3). Trials and Tribulations of the Journey
4). Attainment of Enlightenment
5). Return of the Hero

Hmmmm ! I'm not sure about all of that ! Makes me feel like Bilbo did the first time that Gandalf came to call - and then all these dwarfs kept turning up at the door !!

So - as I don't seem to have much choice in the matter (heh heh heh ) I must try to remember this in times of need ...
"As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow.
We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom.
It happens in its own time."
(Denis Waitley)

The Buddha's journey to spiritual awakening or 'Nirvana,' as it is popularly called, perfectly mirrors the above mentioned progressive development of a hero... [link]

if you'd like to know more about freedom hero's - have a wee look here >> [link]

meanwhile - I look forward to meeting with you now and again along the path !

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