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picture26 Apr 2004 @ 03:39, by Max Sandor

Today we went to the other side of the isle of Avalon, crowned by the Tor. Our guide was Alan Royce, a local expert in the sacred geometry and energy lines and fields around the Somerset area.

"Strange" he said, "no buzzards today." I asked Alan where he would suspect the entrance to Merlin's palace of glass would be. He answered "right there where the three doves are circling. Strange, no buzzards today. Usually, there are plenty."

We went down the hill. It would have been submersed by water back then, thousands of years ago. Depending on the tide, only for certain brief moments one could have entered the castle of Merlin. A black-and-white rabbit sat in that place...

...blissfully ignoring the doves flabbing their wings above him.

"Are you guarding the entrance to Merlin's castle," I asked him jokingly. The rabbit ignored me too.
"I can't see the castle, Alan", I shouted in his direction. Suddenly the rabbit spoke with an annoyed expression in its tiny voice: "silly human, Merlin's house is made of glass. Of course, you can't see it, lazy bugger."

"Hey, that's a first time a rabbit called me that name," I laughed. "If at all, it's you who is a lazy bugger! What are you doing sitting here, or are you watching the doorway?"

"I'm doing what you want to do but you can't, hehe" the rabbit giggled, his ears flubbig rapidly back and forth. "And what's that, rabbit?" I wondered.

"I'm just simply enjoying," the rabbit said with a triumphant voice.

"Enjoying what? I don't see you doing anything." I asked curiously.

"Silly human, I'm enjoying having a wish," the rabbit answered. Now I became quite curious. "Don't you want to see your wish fulfilled?" I asked. "Ah, you're so stupid, you don't get it, human. If my wish would be fulfilled, it would be over and I couldn't enjoy having it any longer. I would need to go through all the hard work of finding a new wish," the rabbit said.

To be sure, I went on asking: "so you are visualizing what you want to have, rabbit?"
"No, no, no,lazy bugger! I'm just simply enjoying having a wish, nothing more, nothing less, that's all!"

"Hmm," I said, "that is a strange concept, I have to say." Everyone is the world is busy working on fulfilling their wishes, and they have a lot more new wishes even before their old ones are being fulfilled, if they are ever, and you, here, a rabbit, are sitting here and enjoying yourself just having a wish and enjoying it. Period."

"You got it, human," said the rabbit with a self-confident smile.

"Who was teaching you that trick?" I laughed.

"Merlin himself!" the rabbit answered with pride. "The last time he came around checking on me and finding me digging holes all over the place instead of watching the doorway to his palace."

"Neat trick," I laughed even more, "smart guy, this Merlin". I laughed all the way down to the valley, there where once was the bottom of the sea.

And, of course, in the end we all had forgotten to enter the door to Merlin's castle.

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26 Apr 2004 @ 05:53 by jstarrs : Easter bunny? Reminds me...
...of James Blish's 'Black Easter'. The great monologue near the end.
Mon dieu! C'est l'heure? Faut que j'aille....  

28 Apr 2004 @ 01:41 by Ge Zi @ : dangerous
That rabbit could have been the killer rabbit so scaringly described in the historical film 'The Holy Grail' by the group of scholars called Monty Python.
And then you would've had it!  

28 Apr 2004 @ 03:21 by mx @ : oh darn!
how could I have missed out such a unique chance?
and being so unaware of the historical context of the appearance of the killer rabbit!? Shame on me, tzzzz..  

28 Apr 2004 @ 05:34 by spiritseek : Yep...
looks like a killer rabbit alright, or does the rabbit take on yet another form with each passing traveler? Hmmm I wonder...  

28 Apr 2004 @ 09:52 by skookum : If you had brought
a carrot or something...that wascally wabbit might have shown you the way. You never can tell with those beasts, tricky you know and very prone to speaking in riddles.  

20 Jun 2004 @ 12:59 by Kathie @ : Same old rabbit
Hey, Max, I'm tired of clicking on your site everyday and seeing the same old rabbit at the top of the page! That means we don't have any news about what you're doing in Europe. Maybe you're just really busy. Or maybe you went to Brazil? Have you ascended to another dimension? I'm just kidding, but I'd really like you to post something about your journey. But, of course, only if you really want to:-))  

27 Sep 2006 @ 21:56 by joolz @ : doves
I was trying to see if anyone else had a experience with white doves at the tor and hence came upon you. Um if you could clarify what you saw at the tor it would be cool as im assuming the talking bunny to be fascetious (sic) or ficticious and i had a really cool experience with a pair of doves at the tor and would like to know if anyone knows of similar experiences or if there is any myth or folktale involving meeting them there , cheer joolz  

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