New Civilization News: Robert P. Pula, Foremost Teacher of General Semantics, Dies    
 Robert P. Pula, Foremost Teacher of General Semantics, Dies12 comments
picture12 Jan 2004 @ 14:28, by Bruce Kodish

Robert P. Pula, our close friend and teacher, died at the age of 75 yesterday (1/11/04) after a bout with double pneumonia. Until his death he remained the world's foremost living general-semantics scholar and one of the most important continuators of Korzybski's work.

Bob served as the Institute of General Semantics' lead lecturer for many years. He also edited the General Semantics Bulletin from 1977-1985 and served as the Director of the Institute of General Semantics from 1983-1986. He wrote the "Preface to the Fifth Edition 1993" to Korzybski's Science and Sanity

A polymathic poet, painter, pianistic composer, Polka historian, Polish culturalist, cartoonist and extraordinary teacher (only a short list of his many talents), Bob will be sorely missed by his children, family, students and friends

Some of his writings in general semantics can be read at The Institute of General Semantics Website and Here.

I consider his book A General Semantics Glossary: Pula's Guide to the Perplexed mandatory reading for anyone who wants to check whether he/she has an accurate understanding of Korzybski's work. Read my review on the site.

The loss of Bob, brings home to me and my wife, the truth of the general-semantics motto: "The word is not the thing." Words are truly inadequate to express our sadness.

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13 Jan 2004 @ 09:56 by Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. @ : Bob Pula's coagulation
Bob Pula will remain with us through the mechanism of time-binding. We will miss his wit and charm.  

13 Jan 2004 @ 15:49 by Bruce Kodish @ : Coagulation Here I Come
The ditty is sung to the tune of "California, Here I Come."  

13 Jan 2004 @ 19:20 by Frank Gastner @ : Good-bye Bob
I always enjoyed each meeting with Bob as we greeted each other in Polish. Good humor, good gs, and good teaching. In our last meeting, Bob told me he had been asked to take on another project. He decided against it since he was committed to the projects he had already undertaken. Reason: "I just don't know how much time I have." And we spoke of getting together in the late spring. I cannot believe it now won't happen.  

17 Jan 2004 @ 11:57 by bkodish : At The Funeral Home
My Friend Crispin Hesford sent this note from Baltimore.
>>Friday, January 16, 2004 10:31 AM

> Subject: At the funeral home

> I went down to Canton to the funeral home last night.
> The streets were cold, windy and deserted, quite a contrast
> to the scene inside. It was wall to wall people, very animated,
> and it took a while to find where Bob was laid out. I had met Jean
> at the door, coming down the street from the opposite direction.
> I spoke to her brother Viktor, but could not recognize Ramona,
> the other sister in the crowd.
> Bob was still in character. He was there with a copy of
> Science and Sanity in the coffin with him. Draped over the
> coffin was a banner that may have been used on some other
> occasion which read something like "Yet another service I render:
> embarrassing my children." That, plus the extensive photo
> display from his life, left me feeling more elated than
> mournful. This man gave a lot of himself, and I value the
> experience of having known him.
> Best wishes,
> Cris Hesford  


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