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13 Nov 2005 @ 21:50, by swanny

Revisiting the 90s

I was just waking up and had turned on the radio to catch the news. I guess it was
1988 or so.

I remember thinking as I heard it that "oh me gosh" this is the end or this is not good.... the announcer was informing that Saddam was moving troops into Kquiat.
The British and then the Americans were sort of caught of guard it seemed.
What was this ....? And they were sending strong condemnations out on the wires.

Where were we at? The cold war had just more or less ended yet things were going pretty smoothly it seemed even though this was an unplanned and diffuse period of time.

It was a time of little or no global agendas.... the cold war wasn't supposed to end
without a missile being fired but .... probably because of the accident at Chernobyl it did just that.... The Chinese seemed to be coming around to, to democracy. The tienamin square incidents was a big black eye for them and the students building a replica of the statue of liberty and facing down tanks drove home the desire for change yet okay here comes the curve ball ....Saddam comes out of nowhere and left field and in this momentary lull and invades Kuquait.... now what's that about.... a port on the ocean front apparently.... who is this saddam guy anyway..... A rogue perhaps seizing the day ... the opportunity... the cubic centimeter of luck.... and well perhaps a bad call to think that the world community was disinterested in that.... he did though send a chill of.... something through the world .... the chill perhaps of a leader pushing the envelop in a moment of global respite.... did he really think he could pull it off....

what was he thinking...... I suspect he thought the americans wouldn't mind and would understand his desire for beach property... why... well who knows what transpires in these global offices but obviously he had bad info or got his signals crossed cause the british and the US and the world were not pleased but yes they were probably hoping for a bit of a break from the cold war.

who'd have thought that it would turn out like this though... this global confusion called terrorism all seeming because saddam read the pitch wrong.....

so the world is broken once more.... beyond repair? well....... you tell me.....

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13 Nov 2005 @ 22:50 by swanny : Opportunism

so somehow this new "world order" got off to
a wrong or bad start with Saddam invading
Kuwait...... in 1987 -89

So "opportunism" is to blame...


14 Nov 2005 @ 08:28 by swanny : yo...
2005 11 14 01:14


Well I suppose this conflict or confusion was
rather inevitable... I mean as history and herstory
recalls you do get your gegis cons and hitlers and saddams
types appearing on the scene from time to time
doing there "crazy" thing and setting and pushing
the buttons with the latest toys at their disposal.

What is or was not inevitable or predicted or even
perhaps dreamed about was the advent of the
internet. The internet is somewhat unprecidented
except for a priest by the name of Pierre Chardin
whose "nooshpere" of the 1900's presages it somewhat,
as well as Sir Sanford Flemmings "global standard time
zones" of the 1870's.
Yet it was a rather odd occurence. It was'nt a sort of global
domination prescience or well I suppose no ones really
sure what it is or how its going to play out.

I suppose it has it good and bad points and is in a way
kind of like an artists blank canvas. As I see it what we
have here is a kind of beginnings of a change or transformation
of matter in a way to a kind of solid memory. We are as
it were, converting earth soil into memory as such. Transforming
the matter of earth into the matter of order. Yet isn't the earth
already in order. Is there not a "natural order" to the world
and isn't that good enough or do or why do we have to
advance. Why do we have to change what was into what now
is. Why are we converting the soil into memory blocks
and where does "water" fit in here. I suppose the info flows
like water in a way. But do we need it more than we need
water. Can not both coexist in harmony?

Well any way just some morning ramblings...
and remembering of the world wars of old...
scary stuff ... worlds at war.... or is it just nations...
for the earth was not and is not at war with itself.

oh well


14 Nov 2005 @ 09:01 by swanny : Star trek
I mean ... they didn't have the "internet"
on "STARTREK" and gosh that, Startrek, was
like the Gosh Geez "Bible" of the 70's and
the "Woodstock" generation.... so how do you
explain that...
That's quite a discrepency, how could Gene
Rodenberry have missed that?


14 Nov 2005 @ 09:12 by swanny : tibbles
Well then again that's probably not fair
Gene was probably well yes Gene
was somewhat preoccupied one could
say. He had a lot on his plate.
Did you know Startrek in it's sort of
"inoccuous" way was addressing many of
the pressing social and global issues of the time.
Issues like homosexuality and race and color
and racism and inequity and prejudice and
gosh the list goes on and on.....
and I personally think Startrek was in a way
at the front lines of the Cold war....
I mean no .... you wouldn't think it to watch
it.... such was its innocence but there it was
planting and quietly laying the "seeds" for
global brotherhood and sisterhood while the
"cool" people were out doing their cool drug
and money thing...
pure genius Gene....
and well done....
mine you the "tribbles" well I suppose everyone
has an off season or a sense of humor.

hee hee

And Captain Kirk .... an odd "christ figure"
to be sure...


14 Nov 2005 @ 09:39 by swanny : The Future
I suppose what you have in Captain Kirk
is the dawn or the depictation of the
"Cowboy Chirst" . A progression of human
evolution into though "cowboy politics or diplomacy".
The reckless bravado against the machine or emerging
machine. The reliance not on the apparent
mask of charm or cuteness
or well.... or even probability so that counts Mr Spock out
what was the fascination with Captain Jame T. Kirk....
I suppose it was the sheer improbabilty.....
It was not done yet it was done....
The genius lay in allowing the underdog to consistently
win against the apparent odds. What is that but the laying
down of a kind of faith against the odds. So here you this
Cowboy Christ figure laying or parading a faith against the
odds senario.... and doing it consistently for the duration of
its run.... yet what is the result of that.... the result of faith
without works or faith and .... was there works?....
The show professed no common or current faith or "religiousity"
yet it did have a "cult" appeal on the basis of what....
well yes it worshipped the "FUTURE".... that was the basis of its
faith.... the "hope" that we would get out of the brinkmanship
of the "cold war" and even aspire to a real future or reality.
To aspire to this. This now. This Truth. This Reality.

Well thankyou then Gene....
for giving a "vision" however incomplete of the future past
the cold war.

I digress....


14 Nov 2005 @ 09:48 by swanny : The Faith
Ah ha.... Kirk then or his character was
a man or a depictation of a man of the faith
or the "cloth"....

what faith what cloth.....

that is not clear....

the faith in the future?

not sure...


14 Nov 2005 @ 10:01 by swanny : ????
Yes it was all "pretense" true...
or was it...
or was it perhaps modern adaptations
or interpretations of an "old story"...
hence my reference to it being the bible
of the 70's....
were these possibly "retellings" of an old story
ie: the old or new testament
via a new medium or via the quise of the future...

strange odd....





29 Jan 2015 @ 08:07 by Anvar @ : bRnEJXSIrDsjBdQKFL
, this shot doesn't do much for me. What strikes me in John's shot is a reozcinable parttern and some nice detail. I find that's where this photo loses me. I'd prefer a little more crispness to the edges of the differing colour layers. ALL this being said, I totally here you when it comes to I'll try this out, see what happens, post it, and hear what folks have to say . There's something great about experimenting and getting feedback on the product and process! Great work!!  

29 Jan 2015 @ 18:51 by Lucas @ : NCvUahGzCMDN
Paul: I think the brightness comes from the lgtneh of the exposure. My hallway was lit from ceiling spot lights and the bright stripe through the middle of the image is a table lamp that was on. I simply rotated on the spot holding the camera as steady as I could. The original image came out very yellow and orange from the tungsten lights and I changed the colour balance in post.  

30 Jan 2015 @ 07:04 by Tiffany @ : PrCJBXFGAX
This is way better than a brick & mortar esltntishmeba.  

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