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9 Jul 2004 @ 17:18, by Robert Oveson

This is a new category for the Mayan Day based on the Tzolkin calendar. The calendar is the primary defining element of a culture and is what creates their reality. You are what you pay attention to and as a collective there is no single element that people pay more attention to than their calendar. It is so ubiquitous that most people aren't even aware of how much of an effect it has on creating their reality. Our Western culture revolves around the Gregorian calendar (est 1582), which revolves around the sun, which constantly reminds us that the center and be all is material with no place for the spiritual.

The Mayan had twenty different calendars. The one most frequently cited is the Haab calendar, which is of the Earth and was used mainly to set the tax days which were a function of the harvest and it wasn't used for much else. It was the only one that archeologists paid much attention to since they couldn't understand anything that wasn't synchronized to the solar year.

The two calendars used most by the Mayans were the Tun (360 days) and was the divine or prophetic calendar, and the Tzolkin (260 days) which was the personal and astrological calendar. This calendar was made up of 13 Personal Intentions, represented by a number; and 20 Astrological Aspects, represented by a sign or glyph. Each of the 260 days in the year had a unique combination. The Mayans also believed that they chose the day on which they were to be born, that this has significance, and since their first name was the number and glyph everybody knew what that significance was.

Each of the articles in this category will be kind of like a daily collective horscope except it will use the Tzolkin calendar.

The numbers from one to thirteen stood for: 1)Unity, 2)Duality, 3)Action, 4)Stability, 5)Empowerment, 6)Flow, 7)Reflective, 8)Justice, 9)Patience, 10)Manifestation, 11)Resolution, 12)Understanding, 13)Ascension.

The 20 glyphs represent the sacred sun signs. They belong to one of four oracle directions, and each direction has an associated element, aspect, and color. (I'm not sure but the color aspect may be simply to facilitate the charts I'm using)
The relationships between these directions are in the final column. And opposite relations (ie N/S E/W) are Challenge/Strengthen. (Note: if I was up to speed on my graphics this could be represented in a pretty simple picture)

Red: East; Fire; Birthings;
Gold: South; Earth; Body;
Blue: West; Water; Endings;
White: North; Air; Mind;
Red: East; Fire; Birthings;

The 20 Sacred Sun Signs are:

(R) Crocodile (Imix)
(W) Wind (Ik)
(B) Night (Akbal)
(G) Seed (Kan)
(R) Serpent (Chicchan)
(W) Transformer (Cimi)
(B) Deer (Manik)
(G) Star (Lamat)
(R) Offering (Muluc)
(W) Dog (Oc)
(B) Monkey (Chuen)
(G) Road (Eb)
(R) Reed (Ben)
(W) Jaguar (Ix)
(B) Eagle (Men)
(G) Wisdom (Cib)
(R) Earth (Caban)
(W) Flint (Etznab)
(B) Storm (Canac)
(G) Sun (Ahan)

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