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A letter from Dr. Steven Greer

- Imminent scientific breakthroughs - will eliminate your monthly energy bills (and the world's) FOR LIFE!

Keep reading to learn how YOU can be a part of this exciting opportunity!)

Steven Greer is certainly one committed individual. I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and be involved with Steven's CSETI project over 6 years in the states during the early 90's. To know more about this issue see: an Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior published in Hustler magazine's November 2005 issue. Then Steven evolved his work to initiate the Disclosure Project. His current Orion project is involved with getting energy technologies out to the public.

You can view a google video that was filmed in 2002 about the initiative entitled: The Disclosure Project, May 19th, 2001, National Press Club

Dr. Steven Greer is tackling some of the most controversial issues; extraterrestrial presence and what the implications are in terms of cultural advancements as well as addressing the hot issue about the production and release of energy technologies which will soon revolutionize our lives. This has been an ongoing aspect of the co-creative reality, the issue of suppression of life enhancing and liberating technologies and resources.

I personally invite you to get involved either through a donation to the Orion Project, or your support in educating others around you. You may even consider becoming more politically involved thru contacting your local representatives and providing them with some of the research about these technologies and letting them know about the Orion Project.



Image of Steven Greer at top left corner
Image of Ted Loder upper right.
Dear Friends:

* IMAGINE a device that could produce every watt of energy your home will ever need.

* IMAGINE this device being CLEANER than solar power, but as free as the air you breath!

* IMAGINE no more dependence on oil reserves run by cartels in foreign lands.

* IMAGINE no more nuclear waste or stripping of the countryside for coal. And finally...

* IMAGINE this device being available EVERYWHERE on the planet: from the apartments of NYC, to the desert communities in Africa, and even to your favorite camping destination...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." - Albert Einstein

But do not confuse these exciting possibilities with mere wishful thinking.

These are very REAL technologies that exist RIGHT NOW!

What needs to be done is to quickly develop these technologies into actual products you can buy at a local store, allowing you to unplug from high monthly bills and unsustainable, polluting utilities.

Many of you know I have been working together with scientists, inventors and leaders in society to advance a new, clean technology energy system for 17 years. My vision for The Orion Project is to provide free renewable energy for everyone.

We're getting so close to a solution, and I need your help today.

So how can YOU be a part of this?

DONATE NOW to join us on this incredible endeavor!

SPREAD THE WORD by forwarding this message to 10 others!
Copy and paste this link into your email to pass this message along and people can then take advantage of the live links here to read all about it right here in this blog. Donate

Your donation of $30 or more will make a huge difference.
Referring 10 friends will help us reach our goal of $3 Million in a very short time.

We currently have 6 different technologies under development. Any of them is potentially "the one" that will be the breakthrough we need.

Once we have rigorously verified the results, it's a straight sprint to optimization and production. But, this is currently being done on a shoestring budget! To make this occur in 12-18 months versus 12-18 years, we need to be able to bring these scientists together. And, we need to give them the necessary tools and assistance to develop multiple technologies that will provide free energy perpetually for all people.

:( Imagine $10/gallon in less than 5 years.
:( Imagine having to forego heating in the winter or A/C in the summer.
:( Imagine families having to decide between eating and being able to drive miles away to work.
:( Imagine having more and more pollution in the water, in the air, in your food, everywhere...

It's not a pretty future... that is why we need you now to generously Donate NOW as much as you can to develop these new technologies as quickly as humanly possible!

Cleaner than solar energy, but as free as the air you breath! Do not delay!

Share this message with ten others, and donate today and as generously as you can afford! $30 or more makes a huge difference in our future. We soon shall stand at the finish line with our device in hand. Toward a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Steven Greer

PS. Your donation is tax-deductible!

"Energy Cleaner Than Solar, And As Free As The Air"

Our campaign needs you and your help. In order to bring an alternative energy device into your home or place of business, The Orion Project needs funding to build a prototype, test it and manufacture it.

When you donate a small amount (even $30 makes a huge difference), we promise that 100% of your contribution goes directly to the development of an alternative energy device.

In addition to making a tax-deductible contribution, The Orion Project Team asks that you introduce us, and Dr. Greer's vision of a renewable energy device, to 10 friends and family members who are passionate about a cleaner, less expensive energy source.

We appreciate your support and interest and thank you for spreading the word of our efforts to others. We will share our progress on this, and other projects under development, in future newsletters.

Do you know of a scientist or inventor whose focus is on alternative energy solutions? Please let us know.

The Orion Project Team:

Inventor Shares Energy Prototype with The Orion Project

Mr. Bill Costantino and Dr. Ted Loder of TOP

Dr. Ted Loder examines the prototype Pulsed Motor Generator under construction at
an inventor's workshop. Two inventors will soon be collaborating to deliver a working over-unity device capable of indefinitely producing clean, sustainable electric power without the use of polluting fossil fuels of any kind. If such a breakthrough is indeed possible, we expect to have actual data from preliminary tests within 2-3 months! (To read the full article), Cutting Edge Inventor. We Hope You Can Imagine a Future Where Everyone Rich or Poor - Can Have Clean, Free Energy. The technology is just around the corner.

Let your imagination reach higher limits. We can move from imagination to reality. Reality is just 1-2-3 steps away!

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1 Jul 2008 @ 13:20 by erlefrayne : Very Encouraging News
This news is very encouraging, hope we can make it to some other alternatives that can help us survive the post-2012 scenario. I had visions of the photonic belt, reminded by my Guides of what future awaits us in terms of power generation and distribution: ELECTRICITY has no future. Proton and Photon-induced power will be the in thing in just couple of years from now....Bro. Erle  

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